Elijah in Manhattan: A Love Story

Sometimes the longest journey is the journey home.

A Delicious Passover

Choice Passover recipes from the best-selling Kinnereth Cookbook.

Teaching Children Responsibility

Bailing your child out of a difficult situation may not be doing him a favor at all.

Celebrating the Seder With Abba

My father's enthusiasm for Passover was so contagious, that each member of our family approached the Seder in an emotional state approaching ecstasy.

Spiritual Side of Pregnancy

How can a woman maximize the spiritual experience of pregnancy?

The 10 Plagues of Passover Cooking.

How I survive Passover without gaining 5 pounds.

More Passover Recipes

Passover cooking doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some simple, tasty recipes you and your family will enjoy.

A Ghostly Bar Mitzvah

A tale about a father and son who plan a Bar Mitzvah celebration in a ravaged Polish village in 1946.

The Bracelet

A simple gift from her children teaches one mother an important lesson about love.

Ugly Cake

"If I'd have known you were coming, I'd have baked you a cake!" The Ugly Cake is that cake.

The Committed Life

My first Sabbath taught me an important lesson about training the palate to enjoy the sweet flavor of success.

Our Contribution to Life

How should we determine our unique contribution to life?

Easy Elegant Desserts

Five out of this world, elegant and easy desserts.

Life is for Love

Raising emotionally healthy children requires plenty of attention and affection. Easier said than done.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

My Grandma's birthday specialty.

A Beautiful Soul

Shaindel is schizophrenic and homeless -- and a beloved fellow Jew.

The Inner Struggle

A decade of envy, illusions, and negativity has come crashing down. How to crawl out of the darkness?

Debby's Sausage Recipes

My son's food wish list sparked a delicious creation.

Six Habits of Happily Married Couples

Success in marriage hinges on consistent performance of these key habits.

Living Together vs. Marriage

Living together means two people sharing a house but living alone.

Building Bridges of Love

The basic building block for marriage is love. The love you create will affect the health of your children, too.

Spice of Life

Children are as varied as we are. Appreciating their uniqueness will add immeasurably to your pleasure -- and sanity.

Anchor in the Stormy Sea

9/11 brings back memories of exile and freedom for author who was born in Romania during the Holocaust era.

Threats, Bribes, and Punishments

In trying to instill discipline, positive encouragement will get you a lot farther.

Chanukah Post Sept. 11

Regardless of the insecurity, unpredictability, and appearance of hopelessness, as Jews we need to leave tomorrow to God.

Is Your Spouse Driving You Crazy?

Figuring out your spouse's unique personality type will unlock beautiful new dimensions in marriage.

When Mommy Stopped Driving

When the doctor delivered the news, we were abashed and afraid. How much time did we have?

I'm So Tired

I have become an expert in tiredness, and I need at least nineteen more words to express all its different aspects.

Two Parents, One Voice

Presenting a united front and speaking to our children with one voice is essential for effective parenting.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #5: Be Masters of Growth and Healing

A crucial task of marriage is to allow yourself to discover your weaknesses and take responsibility for working on and correcting them.

Birthday for the Bereaved

The mother of a terror victim grapples with a meaningful way to commemorate her son's birthday.

The "Terrorist" Within

The war on terrorism needs to be waged on all fronts. We may not have the power to determine world policy, but we can take charge of our internal landscape.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #4: Be King and Queen

Your spouse is your number one priority. Becoming queen and king means creating an unshakable alliance between husband and wife.

Parenting Teenagers: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Mature, childish. Detached, clingy. Selfish, caring. Respect us, scorn us. Stop the insanity! Some practical tips on raising teenagers.

Coping with Retirement

Retirement often makes people feel useless and worthless, but a change of perspective can turn that around.

Cowboy Natie's Eggless Challa

Bubby Irma shares her family's delicious challa recipe.

Talking to Our Children About the Tragedies

Our children are looking to us for calm and compassion, faith and hope.

Five Steps to a Great Marriage #3: Be Like Builders

Staying married means sharing meaningful goals and values.

Apples and a Sweet New Year

Serve apples and honey with a twist this New Year. Two delicious and easy recipes.

Legacies and Luggage

A broken suitcase sums up the challenge and opportunity as we approach the High Holidays.

When Loss and Celebration Collide

A mother's passing and a son's bar mitzvah create an emotional whirlwind when both run into each other.

5 Steps to a Great Marriage #2: Be a Team

Do you have the communication and negotiating skills needed to be a team?

Taking Charge: How To Discipline with Love

Too much permissiveness is a sure-fire way to raise spoiled, unruly children. But how to enforce the rules and still communicate unending love?

For Women Only

Three mitzvoth, special to women, elevate the home to spiritual heights.

Authority in Parenting

Authority is not a four letter word. It's essential in raising healthy children, and in fostering their relationship with God.

"The Surrendered Wife"?

I cringed at the title, but the book, "The Surrendered Wife," offers a surprising amount of wisdom.

Something You Already Know

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who fear getting older and those who do not.

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