Does being Jewish mean I'm different from my friends?

Q: Does being Jewish mean I'm different from my friends?

Will Your Child Grow Up To Be A Thief?

Acceptable stealing -- such as lying about a child's age to gain cheaper admission -- communicates an indelible lesson.

Dr. Mitzvah - Purim

An upside-down turn-around day.

Being an Imperfect Parent

Perfectionists are living in the wrong world. Teach your children how to avoid this debilitating habit.

Life on a Mountaintop

Intimacy is a magical God-given energy, with the potential for abuse, as one young wife painfully found out.

Everything I Know About God, I Learned From My Parents

Kids start to learn about the Creator of the world from their own creators – mom and dad.

How do I talk to my kids about the fact of life?

Q: How do I talk to my kids about the facts of life, from a Jewish perspective?

Communication - the Key to a Good Marriage

Effective communication means verbalizing needs and listening carefully.

The Art of Positive Reinforcement

What you praise and criticize is what you get. So be careful!

Mother Sara and Mrs. Cash

She is a 94-year-old woman who comes to shul dressed like a queen; she is always regal, exuding a special light, as she smiles at all she encounters.


I had a house, and then I had children. Preserve your sanity and let go of your attachment of the physical world.

Be My Valentine

Bring out the Godiva! But don't forget to express your love on Feb. 15th, 16th, 17th and...

Dr. Mitzvah - Rosh Hashana

Dr. Mitzva looked out the window of his office. "Oh my," he said, "it's raining again.

Dr. Mitzvah - Tu B'Shvat

Discovering the treasure of the trees.

Dr. Mitzvah - Chanukah

Dr. Mitzvah delivers some light.

Dr. Mitzvah - Get Well Julie

Stethoscope, thermometer, plastic sticks, lollipops, aspirins, cough syrup, band-aids. Dar. Mitzvah had everything he'd need.

Is God Comfortable Here?

Life, being finite, is filled with mundane activity. But all of it can be elevated into infinity in the instant that it takes to ask a simple question.

The Positive - Negative Ratio

Of course you love your child. But in the midst of all the daily demands and negativity, does your child really know this?

The Parenting Game

Good parenting means paying attention to the uniqueness of each child.

The Peaceful Fight

Go to bed angry ... fight with your spouse ... This advice might seem like a strange way to attain peace in the home, but it works.

Intimacy after Children

The perils of neglecting your spouse.

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