Whisper of a Soul

How did I manage to survive unspeakable abuse?

Welling Up

Reflections on burying our 2-week-old granddaughter.

Touching the Void

A letter to my abusive parents.

What God Must Feel

Because I’m a mother, I know.

Mourning Glory

When a mother succumbs to cancer in old age and a father faces his own mortality, a son experiences the blessings of a good shiva.

A Jewish Mother’s Wisdom

The legacy of Chana Berkovits, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits’ mother.

Divorce’s Innocent Victims

I am not invited to my granddaughter’s bat mitzvah.

Dear Tears

Your appearance does not startle me anymore.

The Third Generation

The grandchild of Holocaust survivors looks forward… and back.


When my kids planted etrog trees, we didn’t know we’d discover the miracle – and precariousness – of life.

Laundry Lament

Lessons from the spin cycle.

Eight Days with Our Baby

Born with terminal kidney disfunction, each moment with him was precious.

Hope: Revisiting Secondary Infertility

Once I began to truly appreciate the blessings in my life, I received another – a baby girl.

Heavenly Cheerleaders

How an Aish.com article changed some people's lives.

2,524,608,000 Seconds

My daughter’s eyes rolled back and she went limp in my arms.

To Not Walk Alone

Although my father has died, he remains an active, guiding influence in my life.

A Little Faith

Sometimes I wonder if my non-observant mother is more religious than me.

My Father’s Smile

My father let go of his pain, his grief, his questions and was able to do what he loved best: to give.

The Giving Heart

My mother’s motto is: the way to keep your heart in shape is to love more.


The masked robber who broke into our home was a blessing in disguise.

These Small Lights

Chanukah reminds us that we are not the same as everyone else.

As the Flame Flickers

The challenge of observing the anniversary of the death of someone never born.

Jerusalem Cowboy

Meet Natie Charles, the Prince of Tales.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts for My Daughter

Spanning three generations, I want to give you some very special gifts that are close to my heart.

It's All in the Name

Paradoxically, our children help connect us to our Jewish roots.

To Bris or Not To Bris?

The last few months of my pregnancy, I spent more time agonizing about the bris than about labor itself.

How to Speak to a Pregnant Woman

Sadly, based on personal experiences.

Expectant World

Our most significant achievements are formed somewhere deeply hidden.

5 (Spiritual) Ways to Beat the Heat

How to make the most of the 2011 heat wave without moving from your computer or air conditioner.

The Night Before My Wedding

We were on opposite poles: her life was drawing to a close and mine was about to begin.

A Father who Cares

Even a grown man can be an orphan.

I Too Am Royalty

As a child I longed for the majestic. Watching the royal wedding, I realized I found it.

Earning My Freedom

In a world of Facebook and Twitter, is anyone special? Preparing for Passover I discovered an answer.

Why Did the Fish Have to Die?

Teaching a child to understand God’s grand eternal plan.

Gift of Life

Ezra needs a donor who's a perfect match. You may be his miracle.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Sophia's Story

The diagnosis was devastating, but we needed to stop mourning our daughter who was still alive and begin living with SMA.

Stuck in the City

Dear readers, where should we move to?

My Purim Costume Fantasy

This year, finally, my family will join the ranks of those paragons of virtue, those models of creative efficiency: The Ones with the Themes.

Hearts of the Fathers

Since the divorce, my ex-husband won't have anything to do with our sons. Is it wrong to hope for a miracle?

Sick of Being Sick

Who’s running this show, anyway?

Father of the Bride

We were marrying off our eldest daughter. Why was I feeling so much pain?

Spark of Hope

Cancer I could laugh at. It was remission that was so difficult.

Sukkot's Healing Hug

In these unstable and scary times, the sukkah gives us a reassuring message.

A Yom Kippur Question

I was floored. There wasn't one doctor in the whole hospital willing to help us.

My Special-Needs Sister

I want my friends to know that it’s okay to be different.

The Ladies Auxiliary

My grandmother and the terribly hot summer in Brooklyn.

At the Bottom of the Pool

Was that my precious child lying motionless in the water?


A bereaved mother’s perspective on the Three Weeks.

Some Hurts Don't Heal

The greatest blessing comes between two friends.

In My Father's World

My father's love asserted itself in distinctive ways.

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