Rosh Hashanah: Making Room for God

It is when we are broken that we recognize God as our true home.

Sick of Being Sick

Who’s running this show, anyway?

Spark of Hope

Cancer I could laugh at. It was remission that was so difficult.

A Yom Kippur Question

I was floored. There wasn't one doctor in the whole hospital willing to help us.

My Special-Needs Sister

I want my friends to know that it’s okay to be different.

The Ladies Auxiliary

My grandmother and the terribly hot summer in Brooklyn.

At the Bottom of the Pool

Was that my precious child lying motionless in the water?


A bereaved mother’s perspective on the Three Weeks.

Some Hurts Don't Heal

The greatest blessing comes between two friends.

In My Father's World

My father's love asserted itself in distinctive ways.

Bat Mitzvah Reflections

A letter to my daughter upon her Bat Mitzvah.

Bringing Judaism Home

Add boiling water and watch love grow.

A Sacred Remembrance

Shavuot was the day my grandmother arrived in Auschwitz.

Me and My Boys

The question no one asks: "What was it like to get divorced with two children still in diapers?"

My Lost iPod Cable

In Egypt, the Jewish people were hanging on by a tiny thread. So was I.

Passover's Magic

Passover is coming and I have entirely missed the point.

Unmasking God’s Love

This Purim, grab a piece of God's unconditional love, and dance.

The Music of Opportunity

Patrick Henry Hughes can teach us all a lesson about reaching our potential.


Why I gave up TV.

Fun vs. Joy

Finding the keys to happiness this Chanukah.

Lily's Magic

A little girl inspires us to rise to life's challenge.

You First

Reckoning with forces that split a family apart.

Mama's Hands

Every wrinkle held a story.


It's mundane. It's magical. It's motherhood.

Gorgeous George

George doesn’t walk, he waltzes.

Birth Plan

Our personal variation of "Man plans, God laughs."

Standing Before God

Having just turned 43, never married, no kids, I was having a tough time getting up the enthusiasm to pray for these same things once again


Suddenly a single parent, the shofar's long wail echoed the one in my heart.

Emergency Landing

The plane plummeted downwards, oxygen masks dropped, and we thought this was the end.

Playing Our Piece

Finding a reason in life to sing.

The Shiva Call

Inspiration from a house of mourning.

A Letter to My Father

It's been 13 years but there is still a crack in my heart.

Fathers and Memories

Daughters never forget.

A Life Cut Short

My mother died when she was almost 98 years old. We thought she'd live forever.

My Mom

My mother blessed me with the ability to say amen to both life and death.


Visitors to Israel from the Far East discover a brilliant, new monitoring system: the mezuzah.

Cherishing Your Past

Passover reminds us that not only can't you escape your past, but you have to cherish it too.

Snow Angels

Paving a path for our children.

These Lights We Kindle

Appreciating miracles every day.

A Knock on the Window

Sometimes it's the small gestures that penetrate most deeply.

Nothing's been the Same

Life sure has changed, my little one, ever since you've joined the family.

No One to Blame

A taxi ride to somewhere unexpected.

Sukkot's Healing Hug

In these unstable and scary times, the sukkah gives us a reassuring message.

The Key to Life

To me, it is a miracle that anyone can conceive a child unassisted.

Clinging to Life

This was my third pregnancy and it was going blissfully well. How things can change in an instant.

Life's Final Chapter

As I took care of my dying mother, a new bond was created.

Father of the Bride

We were marrying off our eldest daughter. Why was I feeling so much pain?

My Mother the Judge

Watching Judge Lefkowitz balance the needs of four generations and a seat on the New York State Supreme Court was impressive, especially to her daughter.

My Grandfather's Maror

Some bitter herbs cannot be eaten.

The Necklace

The true meaning of loving your fellow Jew.

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