Manicures for Israel

It’s not as silly as you think.

Judging Petraeus

Don’t sit in self-righteous condemnation. We could all make the same mistake.

Sandy: A Lesson in Empathy

Visiting the east coast, I was jolted out of my complacency and lack of sensitivity.


I’m in favor of a zero tolerance policy for whispering at the table. Here’s why.

In-Laws without Rivalry

It's not only siblings who need to be on the lookout.

Controlling Our Kids

Back off and avoid the power struggles at all costs.

Gotta Laugh

Life requires a sense of humor.

Under God’s Wing

Sukkot teaches us how to find God in a world where He is hidden.

The Gift of Teshuva

Now is our opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Let’s make the most of it.

My Rosh Hashanah Mantra

The Almighty has given me everything I need.

Living Amidst the Chaos

Some people thrive amidst chaos. I am not one of them.

Too Sensitive

Genuine empathy makes us better people in every respect. So why chide it?

Beneath the Goth Look

There’s a real person inside whose book is deeper and much more substantial than his cover.

The Busy Trap

Who has time to deal with life’s real issues?

A Series of Fortuitous Events

Seeing God’s Hand during our trip to Switzerland.

Taking It Out on the Spouse

Don’t take your closest relationships for granted.

Shattered Glass

Since the death of my infant granddaughter, I find it easier to feel the pain in losing the temple.

When Summer Never Ends

Help! I’ve got the “it’s summer again and the kids are already bored” blues.

Breathing Space

How to tell your spouse you need some private time, alone.

Clarity Before Marriage

Shared goals are the essence of marriage. Don’t take them for granted.

You Can’t Have it All

Our children deserve attentive, involved parents.


Elevating our mode of speech is not a losing battle.

The Ootchy-Kootchy Rule

Why couples who show the most public affection are more likely to divorce.

Raising Teenage Daughters

Yes, it can be a tough ride. Here are a few effective tools to hold onto your sanity.

Life without Whining

Therapists are refusing to put up with the kvetching. We should do the same.

Parents Know Best

Protect us from those well-meaning friends, teachers and therapists who think they know our children better than we do.

The Gift of Responsibility

Teaching our children how to really grow up.

Facebook and Dignity

They shouldn’t be an oxymoron.

It All Began with a Doormat!

Getting trapped in the never-ending materialistic cycle.

The Ants Go Marching

If only they were limited to two by two!

Under Pressure

Peer pressure never goes away. So choose your friends wisely.

Why I Love Cleaning for Passover

And it’s not that I’m a martyr.

Boiling Point

Don’t hold in your frustrations and concerns until they explode.

Alternative to Nagging

How to get your husband to do what you want.

Age & Melancholia

The peace of mind we desperately want will not come from anything outside ourselves.

Date Night

Put in the effort to make an evening with your spouse romantic and special.

Showing Affection in Marriage

If one spouse is more emotionally effusive than the other, have no fear.

The Second Half of Our Lives

The kids are out of the house. Now what?

Eating Larvae

Why are some people driven to eat bizarre, unappealing delicacies?

Quick to Judge

Why is our instinctive reaction all too often to be critical?

Growing Old

We look in the mirror and the evidence stares boldly back at us. We are getting older.

Your Personal Catchphrase

What do I want to be known for?

Stop the Sarcasm

It’s cruel and undignified.

The Bagel Incident

Luckily I have some vision of who I’d like to be and screaming like a banshee isn’t it.

Instructive Children's Books

Everything I know about parenting I learned from children’s books.

Retail Therapy

Why shopping, of all things, is good for your health.

Tebow or Not Tebow

Why Tim Tebow makes us feel uncomfortable.

Small Talk

Elevating the conversation by being fascinated with other people.

Will Cosmetic Surgery Help?

A facelift is not the solution to the real problem at hand.

The Duggar Family

She's expecting her 20th child. Why all the vitriol?

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