My Daughter Ate My Homework

Yes kids are the priority, but don’t use that as an excuse to get out of your commitments.

Songs from Our Youth

This old blind man knew the entire Torah by heart. I know the words to “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Put a Fix On It

We all make mistakes. But we don’t have to keep making the same mistake.

A Non-Jew’s Question

Are we fulfilling our mandate to be a “light unto the nations”?

Sleep Deprived

What do you focus on when you wake up in the morning: blessing or lack?

I Thought I Had More Time

All we have is right now, this moment.

Expressing Your Essence

Two pivotal ideas about Sukkot.

Horse and Rider: Who’s Leading Whom?

Practical suggestions on how to prepare for Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashanah: No Distractions

When we hear the shofar, all distractions fade away. It’s our moment to choose life.

Jew Vs Jew Vs Iran

Jewish infighting is giving our enemies just what they want.

From Germany to Israel

Visiting Wannsee gave me a far deeper appreciation of Israel.

We Are Not Alone

You are not the center of the universe.

Patti LuPone’s Great Performance

She took the texting scourge into her own hands. Let’s follow suit.

My Lack of Control

I’m sweating the small stuff and it’s no way to live.

Adult Coloring Books

What’s behind the new bestselling phenomenon?

My Friend's Incredible Humility

I was blown away by her extraordinary act; she didn’t think it was even praiseworthy.

Sparing Kids Pain

Stop coddling your children. They need to experience struggle and rejection.

I Don’t Know

How I wish everyone would learn to say this more often.

Everyone is Fighting a Great Battle

One way to deepen your sense of compassion and empathy.

Givers and Takers

When you're giving but getting nothing back in return.

In Constant Motion

I need to learn how to slow down.

True Courage

Despite multiple battle wounds, he gave honor and glory to others.

The Importance of Chores

Studies show that giving kids chores is key to their personal growth.

Visiting the Sick

How to do it right.

All the Lonely People

We can all make a difference in other people’s lives.

Turning 60

I am freaking out.

Make Your Mark

We have the creative power to perform astounding acts of kindness.

Believing Gossip

A frightening true story that happened to me.

My Surgery Right before Passover

Being completely dependent on others forced me to redefine myself.

Assume Good Intent

How to change the whole dynamic of your relationships.

Next Year in Jerusalem

Passover’s inspiring message of hope.

Chris Borland’s Early Retirement

The football player is really using his head.

Jews, People Are Watching

It’s an awesome privilege – and responsibility – to be part of the Jewish people.

Our Daily Bread

Thank God I am not a Hollywood screenwriter.

Purim is Not the Mardi Gras

The drinking isn’t for the body; use it for the soul.

On Airplanes and Being

The last bastion of quiet, wifi and cell phone-free space.

Facebook and Modesty

The challenge of maintaining privacy and dignity in the Facebook era.

Dumping Garbage

Why are people throwing their garbage every single day into our lawn’s bushes?

Snow Day Dreaming

Oh how I wished I was living in New York! Yes it’s pathetic.

Deflated Footballs

Why doesn’t everyone come right out and say they cheated?

My Delayed Flight Nightmare

Three lessons that apply to everyone.

Caffé Sospeso

This is a unique cup of coffee everyone should be having.

Concentrate On the Driving

Billboards? What billboards?

Please R.S.V.P.

The plague of not responding to invitations. It’s more serious than you think.

Hanukkah and Hope

Yes, the world is dark but we have the power to light it up.

A Gift Gone Wrong

How do you explain this disturbing lack of gratitude?

Kalman Levine: In Memoriam

Making the pain personal.


When you are living to eat.

Groggy Morning Emails

How my day got ruined by one annoying message.

Celebrating Birthdays

They are a powerful time for reflection.

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