There is probably one aspect of the deal with Iran that even our enemies couldn’t have gleefully anticipated: the level of hostility between Jew and fellow Jew. It’s an animosity and vitriol that could not have been orchestrated better had they actually planned it.

Jews who support the deal are pejoratively deemed “court Jews” or even worse “traitors,” while those who don’t support it are accused of dual loyalty and fanaticism. And those are just some of the polite names.

Where did such a breakdown of trust occur? And has anyone noticed how destructive it is to our people?

We all know that nothing gives parents greater pleasure than when their children get along nicely with each other, when there is love and caring and enjoyment of each other’s company (which is why mine felt so confident handing the waiter my credit card when they all when out to dinner together! “We knew how happy you would be”, they cheerfully chorused).

And nothing causes us greater pain than when they don’t get along – when they fight, when they say hurtful things, when they are mean or cruel.

The same is true with the Almighty, our Father in Heaven. When His children are united and working in concert, He beams with pleasure and pride (so to speak). But when we are fighting, hurling insult, dealing with acrimony and mistrust of each other’s motives, the Almighty is in great pain. And our enemies are winning.

Yes, we have to make an effort. But we also have to recognize and remember that the ultimate outcome is in the Almighty’s hands. Unity and caring amongst our people is a much greater guarantee of a peaceful denouement than adhering vociferously and vehemently to a particular viewpoint, no matter how rational and thought-out you believe it to be. (No matter how right you’re sure you are!)

It’s time we stopped giving our enemies ammunition or playing into their, albeit unwitting, hands.

Let’s tone down the aggressive rhetoric and concentrate on points of connection rather than dissimilarity and disagreement.

And, most of all, let’s be sure to put our focus on prayer, on beseeching the Almighty, on pleading with our Father in Heaven to have compassion on His children and to bring us salvation – in both the immediate practical and material sense, and in the ultimate and more important spiritual one.