Last Sunday my husband and I went to a crafts fair. There were 200 booths and the variety of the products was astounding; the creativity awe-inspiring. There was definitely something for everyone – although I imagine some of those “everyones” are a little hard to find! It focused me yet again on the astonishing variety of human beings the Almighty created and the astounding variety of talent and skills and aptitudes distributed among us.

As amazing as these crafts were, even more inspiring is the variety of charitable actions and causes that abound. I came upon an organization I hadn’t heard of the other day and it took my breath away. Called Wish Upon a Wedding, these dedicated volunteers plan, organize and pay for weddings for couples where one of them is gravely ill. Some of the spouses live for very short times after their wedding yet their partner has the memories and the joy from that occasion to nourish and bolster them for the long years ahead. Who would have thought? Obviously these people did.

At times when the daily news is so discouraging and the headlines are boldly advertising the latest act of terror, it is comforting and reassuring to know that kindness still exists, that not only does it exist but it flourishes. It’s a reminder about the power of human beings to bring light and good into the world, to selflessly think about others, to create and nurture instead of destroy.

I’m inspired by an organization in Israel called Zehlazeh (don’t ask!) that works with widows, women and children whose lives have been devastated. This organization, under their dynamic leader, Rebbetzin Raizy Rottenberg, literally takes these women and children from darkness to light, holding their hands as they navigate their new reality. They take the women on vacations and send the children to summer camps. They provide vocational training for the women where desired and therapy for the children where needed. The staff of this organization works way beyond an 8 hour day, frequently running out in the middle of the night to deal with these crisis situations.

What an amazing and unique creature the Almighty has created. It’s easy to stay in our own little worlds and attend to our own little needs. And sometimes that’s really all we can manage to do. But for anyone with a little extra energy in them, a little extra give, the world is really our oyster (pardon the expression). The possibilities are really endless – I never would have thought of Wish Upon a Wedding – and the needs even more so.

The Almighty created all this variety of talent, skill, creativity and need for a reason. It’s up to us to employ it for its best purpose!