The Yiddish language is full of wonderfully expressive sayings and many of these adages include wise words about the value of mothers. As the famous Yiddish song A Yiddishe Mama says, A Yiddishe mama, es gibt nisht besser oif der velt – A Jewish mother, it doesn’t get better on this earth.

Here are 10 beautiful sayings about mothers and motherhood, culled from a thousand years of Yiddish insight and wisdom.

A shlechteh mameh iz nitto. “There is no such thing as a bad mother.”

Yedeh mutter denkt ir kind iz shain. “Every mother thinks her child is beautiful.”

A mame hot oygen fun gloz. “A mother’s love is blind.” Literally: A mother has eyes of glass.

Mames farshteyen vos kinder zogen nisht. “Mothers understand what their children cannot say.”

Di varemsteh bet is di mames. “The warmest bed is mother’s.”

A mame muz hobn a groyse fartekh di khesroynes fun di kinder tsu fardekn. “A mother must have a large apron to cover up her children’s faults.”

Vos a kind zol nit der’raiden vet di muter im farshtain. “Whatever a child babbles, its mother will understand.”

Got hot nit gekent zayn umetum, hot er beshafn mames. “God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created mothers.”

Kinder un gelt iz a sheyne velt. “Children and money make a beautiful world.”

Ein mama dergreykht mer vi a hundert lerers. “One mother achieves more than a hundred teachers.”