Teenage Rebel

Why do so many teenagers rebel against their parents?

Mommy Thursdays

How including my children in Shabbat preparations changed our relationship.

Kids with No Patience

Teaching our kids patience, anticipation, and humility in today’s hassle-free world.

How to Communicate with Your Kids

The 5 most important nonverbal elements in getting your kids to listen.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child Respect

How to build an atmosphere of respect in your home.

Royal Jewish Name

Jewish names speak to our very essence.

6 Ways to Avoid a Public Meltdown

With a little forethought, lots of empathy and a good babysitter, they can be prevented.

Say Little

Avoid the lectures. A gesture or one word is often the best way to communicate with kids.

Child Safety

Teach your kids how to protect themselves from predators. 3 short videos.

3 Tips for Single Fathers

Divorced fathers need to remember that their children need them.

Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Me!

A simple way to get through to your kids: empathy.

Raising Millennials

How to instill empathy and sensitivity in an age of narcissism and entitlement.

The Angry Child

10 tips to empower parents.

Singing from a Narrow Place

My father taught me the joy of singing in the wake of adversity.

Tweens & Social Media

Helping your teens navigate the exciting and potentially scary world of social media.

Adjusting Our Parenting Expectations

Realistic expectations are the key to handling frustration.

Call You Maybe

When someone else’s child is doing something dangerous, should you get involved?

Raising Resilient Children

Teaching children to prevail over tragedies like Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy.

Should We Tell the Children?

Talking to your kids about the Connecticut school shooting.

The Crews Missile: A Reply

Advice to Nick Crews, the disgruntled father who publically blasted his kids for their failures.

Eight Family Ideas for Hanukkah

Ideas to light up your celebration during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Stop the Bullying

Why Jacob stood up to Esau: tolerating is enabling.

The Nanny Nightmare

Three essential lessons.

Jewish Kids Gone Wild

Have we given up teaching our children how to be a mensch?

5 Parenting Goals for Every Family

How to ensure your children have a productive year.

Teaching Kids about the High Holidays

Practical ways to transmit the beauty of our heritage.

Rabbi Akiva’s Parenting Tip

The secret is gentle dripping water.

Child Safety at Camp

Watch this mom speak to her kids about camp safety.

Why the Chutzpah?

Parents who undermine each other bring disrespect home.

Being Mom Enough

Is Time magazine over the line with its cover photo of a mother breastfeeding her toddler son?

6 Questions for Mother’s Day

Using the day to reflect on the goals you have for your family.

A Jewish Mother’s Day Confession

What I’ve learned from my children.

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make

They’re afraid to expect, let alone demand, discipline, rules and chores.

When Children Lie

Why small children lie and what to do about it.

Parenting Fundamentals

Parenting is complicated. Here are some of the crucial tenets to keep your eye on.

Calling the Parents

All I wanted to do was hang up the phone, but that was no longer an option.

The Facebook Parent: A Response

How to really help your troubled teen.

Raising Compassionate Kids

How to teach children to be more caring and sensitive.

My Favorite Child

In a world that fantasizes about perfection, Shmuel did not meet any one’s expectations.

Mommy, Daddy, Stop Fighting

Four points a child wished her parents knew about fighting.

Worst Parent in the World

Protecting the welfare of our children supersedes the need to be considered their best-buddy.

And the Winner Is…

My son is running against his best friend and I'm afraid.

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