Going Mexican

Recipes perfect for the nine days.

Elegant and Light

Complete menu for any special occasion.

The Kosher Palette II

A cookbook designed for the art and simplicity of kosher cooking. Try these select meat recipes.

Dairy Treats

Delicious dairy delicacies for Shavuot.

Mother's Day Treats

Treat your mom or your daughter to three America Cooks Kosher favorites this Mother's Day!

Cooking for the Omer

Get in the Omer spirit with these barley and carob recipes.

Passover Festive Cooking

A few unique and delicious suggestions for Passover from The Essential Book of Jewish Festival Cooking.

Passover: A Taste of Tradition

Great recipes that will remove your "what am I going to cook for Passover?" worries.

Leftovers Before Passover

What to do with all that leftover chametz.

Happy Purim Foods!

These yummy dishes will add some joy to your festive Purim meal.

Bar Mitzvah Party

Have a party making a party!

Recipes for Tu B'Shvat

Delicious, healthy holiday cuisine based on natural ingredients, with dishes that reflect ancient traditions.

The Greengrocer

Start thinking fennel.

Latkes Galore

Instead of the typical oily potato latkes, why not try some of these different ideas?

Chinese Sheva Brachot

These choice recipes will make all the work worthwhile.

A Taste of Tradition

Gluten-free, healthy, and even tasty. It's not too good to be true!

Odds 'N Ends

Add a splash of diversity in your cooking.

Rosh Hashanah Recipes: 30 Minutes or Less

Oh no! It's Rosh Hashanah already! What am I going to cook?

Complete Rosh Hashana Menu

Run your life like I run my kitchen.

Beans, Peas and Lentils, Oh My!

Getting the most out of dried legumes.

Back to (Cooking) School

Three new recipes for the Nine Days.

Beets as in Borscht

Recipes that will turn the most ardent beet-phobes into true beet-believers.

New Life for Leftovers

Creative ways to get the most out of your leftovers.

Shavuot Dairy Desserts Deluxe

Some of my favorite dairy delights.

The International Gourmet Glatt Kosher Cookbook

Interesting, delicious and unusual recipes suitable for everyone.

Spring Time Cooking

Some great picnic sandwich ideas.

America Cooks Kosher for Passover

Select recipes from the all-season, all-reason cookbook.

Diversity in Cooking

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Bread: Back to Basics

The ABCs of making bread.

The Kallah's Kitchen

Discover some great new recipes and help support needy brides and grooms.

Judaism Starts In the Kitchen

Select recipes from the new cookbook, Kosher By Design Entertains: Fabulous Recipes for Parties & Every Day


Goes great on your favorite Mexican food and on top of a piece of fresh challah on Shabbat.

Kosher Creative

An innovative kosher cookbook, from our families to yours.

All Chocolate, All the Time

Chocolate is good for whatever ails you.

Chicken Easy

Embarrassingly easy chicken or turkey recipes.

Chopped Liver

A classic Jewish food… and a veggie version, too.


Fresh and steamy, that first bite is always the most delicious.

Sukkot Menu -- Asian Style

Bring on the guests, and bring on the food!

Food Management for Rosh Hashana

With seven meals to prepare, keep it simple!

Rosh Hashanah Menu

Chef Hershel's culinary recommendations.

Let's Have a Cookout - Part II

Best practices and recipes for a successful cookout.

Let's Have a Cookout, Part 1

Practical tips and tasty recipes.

Dagwood Sandwiches

Some exciting sandwich alternatives.

United We Cook

Select recipes from a cookbook whose proceeds go to help needy families in Israel affected by terror.

Mr. Potato Head

Let us all praise the common potato.

Passover: Kosher By Design

Exquisite Passover recipes from the bestselling cookbook.

A Gourmet Passover

Cooking for Passover can be easy and delicious.

Spinach: The Food that Made Popeye Great

It wasn't until my wife made creamed spinach that I really realized what I was missing.

Alfredo L'originale

Think Fettuccine Alfredo tastes so good it must be difficult to make? It's not. Just relax and follow the recipe.

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