WHHIIRRL!! "Hey, what’s that?" said Jonathan to his sister, Judith.

"Hi! It’s me, Dizzy the Dreidel Top and I’ve come along now at my favorite time of year to take you for a ride back in time."

"You mean you can do that, Dizzy?" asked the children.

"Sure I can! I just have to spin backwards and off I go. Do you want to come along?"

"Of course!!"

"Okay, just hold on tight to my hands and away we go!"


"Hey, what’s all that noise," asked Judith, "and what are those big elephants doing?"

"Well, children," said Dizzy, "We’ve come to the story of Chanukah. The Greeks have come to Israel with their great big elephants to battle with the Jewish people."

"Who will win?" asked Jonathan.

"The Jewish people will win," answered Dizzy. "Even though they were so small in number and the Greeks were so many and strong and with so many elephants."

"Wow! That sounds like a miracle," said Judith.

"You’re right," said Dizzy, "it was a miracle."

WHHIIRRL!! "Hey! Where are we headed to now?" asked Judith.

"To the Temple in Jerusalem."

"They all seem to be searching for something there. What are they looking for?" asked Jonathan.

"They’re looking for a jar of pure olive oil whose seal has not been broken. They want to light the menorah –- the beautiful candelabra –- in the Temple," said Dizzy. "The Greeks had broken all the seals on the jars."

"Wow! Look! Someone’s holding up a jar. I think he’s found something."

"That’s right," said Dizzy, "he’s found it. A jar of pure sealed olive oil."

WHHIIRRL!! "Hey, where to now?"

"Hold on tight, everyone," said Dizzy, "we’re going to see the lighting of the menorah!"

"And now what’s everyone so excited about?" asked Judith.

"Do you know what happened?" asked Dizzy. "That small jar of oil that was enough to burn for only one night is lasting and burning for much longer. Another night and another night... eight nights altogether."

"Well, that also sounds like a miracle," said Jonathan."

"You’re right," said Dizzy, "it is the second miracle of Chanukah. And now, children, it’s getting a bit late. I think it’s time to go home and we should just make it on time for the lighting of the Chanukah menorah in your house."

"Of course! Let’s go!!" called the children.

WHHIIRRL!! "Here we are, just on time. Daddy is just about ready to light the candles."

"Okay, children. Just one more thing before I WHIRRLL away. Do you know what we can all learn from the Chanukah story?" asked Dizzy.

"What?" asked the children.

"That even though the Jews were so outnumbered, and even though they saw no pure oil... they tried and tried their very best, and then let God do the rest!"

Q: What can we learn from the story of Chanukah?
A: When we have to do something, we should always try our best and let God do the rest.

Q: But let’s say I tried my best but still did not succeed?
A: You can still be very proud of yourself that you did your best.

Q: But why didn’t God help me?
A: He did. And He felt that this time you should not succeed. Perhaps God felt that someone else should win, or that you would learn more by losing than by winning.