The Rock from Dachau

When you light your menorah, you’re never alone.

The Holocaust Menorah

A moving photo and the menorah that bears testimony to the eternal Jewish nation.

My Grandfather, the Walking Miracle

Enduring 18 concentration camps, he was saved by a shovel, a siren, and horse manure.

A Menorah in Bergen Belsen

Sometimes miracles happen in the darkest places.

Chanukah, 1942

Spreading the light in Nazi-occupied France.

Chanukah in Bergen Belsen

The rabbi was desperately looking for a small light in the sea of dark despair.

Hope in Hell

We had been helped by God, even in this forsaken little camp at Nieder-Orschel.

Holocaust Survival

With the help of God, the Jewish people will outlive their cruel foes and emerge triumphant in the end.

Holocaust Miracle

As in the Time of the Maccabees, a great miracle happened.

Holocaust Oil

Elijah's light still shines.

My Holocaust-Spoon Chanukah

A concentration camp survivor recalls the ingenuity behind a memorable Chanukah observance.

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