It's Time to be a Maccabee

The Hanukkah battle isn't over.

Jewish Grit and Hanukkah

The incredible power of adding one consistent light at a time.

The 5 Best Hanukkah Gifts to Give to Your Children

This year, give the greatest gifts money can’t buy.

Timeless Hanukkah: A Graphic Article

The miracle is still happening today.

8 Ways to Turn Darkness into Light

This Hanukkah choose to create your own miracles.

Hanukkah’s Last Light

Dispelling five myths that block us from connecting to God.

8 Thoughts for 8 Nights

Questions and ideas to discuss each night as you light your menorah.

Hanukkah: The Force Awakens

In a dark world, you must be the light.

Hanukkah’s 4-Point Battle Plan

The Maccabees’ eternal lessons for preserving Jewish continuity and pride.

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?

One Pure Thing

Bringing the hidden light of Chanukah into our lives.

The Non-Jewish World of Disney

A Jewish princess does not wait for her prince.

Give It All You've Got

The Maccabees taught us that immobilizing perfectionism leaves no room for God.

Reality and Potential

Shoot for the stars or be more realistic? Two perspectives reflected in the Chanukah light.

Chanukah Lights and Wrights

The menorah's flames remind us that technology is but a gift from God.

The Winning Spirit

Tapping into the spiritual energy of Chanukah.

Defiling the Holy

The Greeks wanted to tear out the heart of Judaism and reduce it to mere symbolism.

Rekindling the Sparks of Peace

The heart of fire contains the unifying power of peace.

Power of the Menorah

The seven branches represent the seven channels of spiritual self-expression, which can change you forever.

How To Work Miracles - The God Factor: Part 2

The distinction between the natural and the miraculous is only one of human perception. Everything that occurs is really a miracle.

Your Inner Flame

"For God's candle is the soul of man." (Proverbs)

Miracle of Fire

The Human Potential Movement celebrates the power of man. Chanukah celebrates the power of the Divine.

Judaism - A Pleasure!

What motivated the Maccabees to dare and take on the best organized, most powerful military machine in the world?

A Deeper Look

We often don't see what is right in front of us. Why?

The Competitive Urge

To be a brilliant source of light, you don't have to be brighter than all the other stars.

Transcending Limits

Time-traveling with an army general and a CNN correspondent back to the Jewish revolt against the Greeks.

The Al HaNissim Prayer

The meaning of the special prayer of gratitude recited on Chanukah.

Chanukah Post Sept. 11th

Regardless of the insecurity, unpredictability, and appearance of hopelessness, as Jews we need to leave tomorrow to God.

Hellenism: Who Cares?

In many ways America is the cultural by-product of ancient Greece.

Eight Great Chanukah Gifts for Kids

Being a role model for Jewish values is truly the gift of a lifetime.

The God Factor: Part 1

Chanukah comes to teach us how history can take the most unlikely turns and produce the most improbable victors.

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