How to Move Beyond Your Shameful Past

An addict uses Judaism’s ancient method to move forward after addiction.

The Good Gene

Attaining at-onement this Yom Kippur.

The Three Angels

I was determined to indulge my non-kosher craving. But God had something else in mind.

The Urgency of Change

Don't waste a minute, the benefit of changing NOW is too great.

People Don’t Change

I never live up to my New Year’s resolutions. So this Rosh Hashanah, why bother trying?

Three Steps to Genuine Change

Getting free from our self-erected prison.

The Crime I Didn’t Commit

Change for the New Year starts here.

Poetry of Repentance

An English Professor discovers the poetry of the soul.

Teshuva: Dry Cleaning for the Soul

Done something wrong? We all have. Here's how to fix it. Once and for all.

Weight Loss and Teshuva

Getting in shape, physically and spiritually.

Through the Gate of Tears

Actualizing your potential on the Days of Awe.

Dieting and Yom Kippur

Dieting as a paradigm for spiritual elevation.

The Process of Change

When it comes to personal growth, we all have good intentions. But how do you translate that into actual improvement?

The Spiritual Workout

When life's challenges feel like an Olympic training program.

I'm Sorry

There can be no peace without apology.

Teshuva and My iPod

If you did something wrong, how can it be truly deleted?

The Way Home

Yes you can go home again.

Four Steps to Change

Everybody knows that New Year's resolutions are meant to be broken. But not in Judaism. The High Holidays are the best time of year for real, long-lasting change.

Asking God for Forgiveness

Skip the paralyzing guilt. The classical confession helps us maximize the power of the day.

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