5 Ways to Achieve Real Change

How to nudge yourself into accomplishing your goals.

Donkey Kong, Secret Agent Man and Not Feeling God’s Love

Four reframes for the times you feel very distant from God.

Ten Ways to Get Up After We Fall

How to keep trying even when we feel stuck.

No Excuses

A letter to the woman who cycled 26.2 miles using only her arms.

The Power to Change the World

Don’t miss your opportunity for greatness.

Forgiveness: Harder to Ask, Or Harder to Give?

When we forgive others, we empower ourselves to better change ourselves.

Breaking the Procrastination Cycle

This Rosh Hashanah, choose life and move beyond the four zones of procrastination.

My Life List

Things to do while you're alive.

Flying Low

Rebuilding your inner confidence in making -- and keeping! -- New Year's resolutions.

Keep Your Eye on the Expert

This Rosh Hashana, become the person you wish you were.

Becoming You

On Rosh Hashana, we pledge not to remain a cheap imitation of our 'old self.'

A Womb for the Soul

Inscribing ourselves in the book of life or death.

Climbing to the Top

Answering Rosh Hashana's question: Did you do as much as you could with the gifts the Almighty gave you?

Your Mission for the Coming New Year

There can be no greater joy than successfully answering the question, "Who are you?"

Go for the Gold

Achieving your personal victory this Rosh Hashana.


Could it be that uttering some well-chosen mantras can really change your life?

Taking Responsibility

Life is passing you by and it's not going to wait for you. The choice is yours.

Creating Your World Anew

If we choose reality, God grants us a year of life. He very much wants us to succeed. But we must choose it on our own.

On Anger

Anger, which can work so powerfully against happiness, is the very tool we've been given to get a handle on our invisible, elusive inner selves.

Wake Up and Live

The new year begins a new sense of responsibility. How do we know what our responsibility is?!

Dreams and Limitations

Limitations seem part and parcel of the human condition. But are limitations inborn? Or is it something we learn?

Deep Water Test

The secret to making lasting changes.

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