A variety of salads to compliment your main dish.


Vegetable recipes to add color and flavor to your meal.


Scrumptious kugel recipes with a twist.


Choose from the following fantastic recipes!


Mouth-watering soup recipes.


Enhance your holiday meal with one of these fish recipes.


Five delicious Challah recipes for the holidays!

Healthy Rosh Hashana Cooking

Start the New Year off right with healthy food choices.

Recipes for Rosh Hashana

Getting ready for a sweet New Year

O.M.G. It's Already Rosh Hashana

Complete menus for the upcoming three-day holiday.

Sugar-Free Sweet New Year

How to indulge in the sweetness of Rosh Hashana without the sugar.

Apples and a Sweet New Year

Serve apples and honey with a twist this New Year. Two delicious and easy recipes.

Rosh Hashana Delicacies

Three delicious ways to enjoy a sweet New Year.

Complete Rosh Hashana Menu

Run your life like I run my kitchen.

Food Management for Rosh Hashana

With seven meals to prepare, keep it simple!

Yom Tov Menu

An eclectic menu for Yom Tov that incorporates some of the symbolic foods eaten on Rosh Hashana.

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