Crash Course on Yom Kippur

A fascinating overview on the meaning and customs of the holiest day of the year.

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(15) Miriam Manning, September 13, 2021 2:26 PM

We enjoyed the info. Let all of us repent of the times we disobeyed and let us love Him above ALL and love others as we want to be treated, let us thank Him for loving us and we must continue to be light in this darkness the world has fallen into!

(14) Anonymous, October 16, 2016 9:57 PM

Yom Kippur teachings by Rabbi Abraham Goldhar

The presentation of Yom Kippur by Rabbi Goldhar, is vivid and digestible

(13) Ryan, September 26, 2014 6:49 PM

Well done!

I'm not Jewish but I am very interested in Israel. I absolutely love your crash courses, Rabbi Goldhar. You are a very talented teacher and I'm grateful for your lessons. Thank you and G-d bless.

(12) Elizabeth Walton, September 24, 2012 8:38 AM


Thank you so much! I have so much to atone for. Some things take time as you say though. Shalom and G-d Bless.

(11) Leah Goldsmith, September 24, 2012 2:13 AM

Wow! That was the best YK synopsis I have ever heard!

Thank you Rabbi Goldhar. That was so well done. Really a wonderful vehicle for anyone to mentally prepare for Yom Kippur. May H' bless you to create many, many inspiring and helpful videos!

(10) Dusty Lucero, September 23, 2012 3:59 AM

Great Presentation

A very informative, well thought out presentation as always. Thanks

(9) Jack.Adno, October 10, 2011 7:39 PM

Good informative

Enjoyable and informative

(8) SUZI CLARK, October 8, 2011 11:53 PM

This is ALL we need to know about YOM KIPPUR

As always, I am blown away by the Rabbi's ability to teach a class, without missing any important information, in 6 minutes. It was so interesting, informative, and held my me emotionally captive.. I hardly breathed for fear I would miss something. I actually played it a few times, this way I could feel I understood every nuance, and detail of this Holy of Holy Days. Rabbi Goldhar, this is typically your wonderful handiwork, being able to explain in a thoroughly fascinating, appealing, and most motivating, manner. You are GREAT! This is not an exaggeration. I enjoy everything I have ever seen, or read, that I have witnessed. Thank you so much. I wish you and all your loved ones, a sweet New Year, and I hope you had an easy fast. May you continue to enjoy G-D'S Blessings, for many generations to come.

(7) Anonymous, October 7, 2011 2:52 AM


very clear interesant and i enjoy a< lot this video shna tova and thank you for your work

(6) Dave Severy, October 5, 2011 7:51 PM

Will the Messiah's coming make Yom Kippur different?

What will the Messiah's coming mean for the celebraton of Yom Kippur? Will we still fast, not bathe, annoint etc.?

(5) Laurie, October 5, 2011 5:38 PM

This is Great!

This was compact and complete and extremely helpful!

(4) margot, October 3, 2011 10:22 PM

How do to set feelings right about return

I have been struggling ever since I found out that my ancestors were tortured and killed because they were Jewish. As my visions of the Almighty G-d's called, when I didn't even know His Holy Name in Hebrew, because I grew up ignorant in the Christian religion. My heart and soul hurting to find the truth of all. My prayers have been a question: Why? not why me or my family, because I know that the exile was because of our sins. But why you specifically call me? I am just a woman, there is nothing that I can do to change things. All I can do is try to change myself with Your Help oh G-d. Then, not even that is possible without an answer as to what to do. Trapped between one side and the other. I stand firm in what Torah of G-d revelead to me. I am a Jewess. Although, robbed of my ancestry faith, I am standing alone now. Without a human being who could understand me. But the love of Hashem is in my heart and sould the Jewish way. I hope that whoever reads this message prays that those I have loved, that are not with me in this struggle, may someday open their eyes to the truth, by G-d's Grace.

Richard, October 5, 2011 4:29 PM

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

Give thanks for what you have and you will receive more. Everyone goes to the Ebishter to ask and complain, He/She (Sabbath Queen) must enjoy our gratitude that we breathe and live without machinery. Be still and know that I Am G*d. The Spirit of the creator is our anima, what enlivens us so we are all every one of us sparks of the original fire. Let the Anointed One arise among us and bring the original light back to the world. I respect your fortitude in posting your note. Hashem Is with you.

Dvirah, October 5, 2011 5:25 PM

Take Heart

You are not alone. Look at the many articles in this website about people who recover or discover their Jewish souls after years of ignorance or confusion. Those people surely share your feelings.

Erica, October 5, 2011 5:52 PM


Shalom Margot. I'm in the SAME boat you are. Sounds like we share the same history, and upbringing. Please email me if you would like to speak further. :D

miryam, October 5, 2011 6:35 PM

G-d be with you

Dear Margot I too have the same struggles.I also have been robbed of my Jewish heritage through the christian church .Now I am studying torah and through my Hebraic roots. I too stand alone. May the G-d of Israel bless you may He make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Shulamis Mallet, October 6, 2011 6:07 AM

You're not alone

Margot, you sound like a really tortured soul. My heart goes out to you. You're right that most people can't understand where you're coming from, although I'm sure that there are those that can. You're wrong in assuming that you're all alone. G-d is with us with every breathe we take. He has been since He created man. G-d loves each one of us, individually. We are each capable of affecting our world. The mistake is in assuming that it all has to happen at once. Healthy change happens over time, one step at a time. There is no such thing as being "just a woman", you're also G-d's creation, just like everyone else. You have the potential to move mountains, but first you have to be comfortable with yourself. There are people that can help you with your struggle. I'm sure someone at Aish can point you in the right direction. Ask G-d for guidance and get the help you need. The rest will fall into place. Once you're properly grounded, your loved ones will hopefully also fall back into place. They may never see what you do, but they may accept you for who you are. This Yom Kippur I'll cry for you, too. You're not alone. Have faith and be blessed. I wish you a Happy and Sweet New Year, Shulamis

(3) Elisheva G, October 3, 2011 5:34 PM


That was really nice! Well said! Thank you for enlightening us.

(2) George Matyjewicz, October 3, 2011 3:04 PM


As always, you have another winner with this one. It would be nice if there was a way to print it out, as I would use it in my Sukkah.

(1) Miriam, October 3, 2011 2:14 PM


Thank you Rabbi Goldhar for providing clarity to this complicated subject.


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