Yom Ha'atzma'ut, Israel Independence Day, marks the anniversary of the day on which Israel declared its independence, on May 14 (5 Iyar), 1948. It is an Israeli national holiday. It will next be celebrated on May 5, 2022.

Aliyah without Regrets

Three months later, and we're still smiling.

A Chicago Bears Fan in Paris

There is no place like home. But where is home?

Of Fares and Fairness

What you see is often not what you get.

At Home At Last

Celebrating the Jewish holidays in Israel.

Homesick, Israeli-Style

It's true, Israel's not perfect. But what do I need perfect for when I've found home?

A Blast in Israel

"You are going to die."

Israel Calls

Why we're leaving our great life in North America and moving to Israel.

Move-to-Israel Filters

My dream of moving to Israel is having a profound effect on how I live now.

Tale of a Reluctant Israeli

Two years in the Holy Land changed my life.

Do It Now

Sometimes there are no second chances.

A Muslim in a Jewish Land

On a trip to Israel, a Muslim journalist sees firsthand a litany of lies.

Jewish Nobelity

The life and loves of a Nobel Prize winner.

Gush Katif Stories

As the disengagement looms, a glimpse into the hearts of the residents.

The Bomb Squad

Jerusalem's front line of defense.

After the Fall

How do you rebuild after losing everything? Ask David Hatuel.

Blue and Orange Love Story

The deaths of Dov and Rachel Cole should serve to bring Israelis closer together.

Why I'm Moving to Israel

Finding my home on sacred soil.

The People of Israel

What shaped our trip to Israel wasn't the death of Arafat or even the beauty of the land. It was the people.

Rise Up from the Ashes

One couple's special Jerusalem story.

The Flower of David

Israeli 'survivor' flower boasts cells in shape of Star of David.

Age Fifteen

Fifteen is the number that conceals God's name, and is the mysterious turning point for three generations of one family.

What Are We Afraid Of?

Why is my home so far from my homeland? Why don't I live in Israel where history and destiny weave the streets of our identity as a people?

Essay Contest: "What Israel Means to Me"

The top five entries, in honor of the 56th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Can a Country be Born in a Day?

God has brought His people home and promised to one day give them peace. No people need it more. No people have earned it more.

Am Yisrael Chai

The indomitable spirit of Israel will be very much alive next week at a very poignant wedding.

So You Want to Move to Israel?

When I told people that my husband and I, with our five kids in tow, were moving to Israel, they thought I was crazy. At some level, I wondered the same thing.

Found in Translation

The Spanish couple on the textbook was breezy and carefree. The Italians were beautiful and moody. Now I'm living in Israel learning Hebrew and it's a whole different story.

Environment Priority

There is one country in the world that has devoted over a century to reforestation and greening the land. And I'm not talking about the United States or Liechtenstein.

Israel's Gift to a Terrorized World

No country's soul has been more severely tested than Israel's.

55 Reasons to Visit Israel

Aish.com readers share their enthusiasm for Israel.

Loving the Land of Israel

The spiritual power of God's special place.

Missing in Action

Memorial Day is especially painful for the families of soldiers whose fate remains unknown.

Passage to Israel

Despite the hardships of adjusting to a new country amid the threat of terrorism, these Florida families wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Our Journey Home

Having attained our personal, professional, and spiritual goals in Toronto, we decided to realize the dream that our ancestors prayed for but could not fulfill: living in Israel.

Tears on Grey Cement

An Israeli high school student falls victim to Arab terror. Her schoolmate recounts how.

Jerusalem's Supermen

Two unknown heroes tackle the poverty in Israel.

Israel Needs You

It is up to every Jew in the Diaspora to snap out of this fearful mindset and come visit Israel.

To Live As Jews

The horrific attack in Itamar is a wake up call to the entire Jewish people.

Israeli Courage

What is it that allows so many Israelis to display courage and resilience in the face of tremendous challenge and difficulty?

Virtual Tourism in Israel

One visitor finds an innovative way to express unconditional caring and support for beleaguered Israelis.

Was I Afraid?

My two years in Jerusalem taught me an important lesson.

Living with Miracles

Why I made aliyah during the Intifada.

Awaiting the Wounded

Being in charge of the only Level I trauma center from the Jordan Valley to Beersheba, I have seen indescribable anguish, and hope.

Coming Home, Full of Hope

July 11, 2002 -- I write to you, finally, as Noa Resi Hirsch, an Israeli citizen.

Mom, I'm Moving To Israel

For the Jewish people, there is no such thing as a wrong or bad time to go to Israel.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Israel Independence Day: Pain and Blessings

Yom Ha'Atzma'ut will be rather painful this year, especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in Israel.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: What Are We Dying For For?

Israel's moment of truth forces Jews worldwide to identify themselves.

Why I Am Not Afraid

Terrorists want our fear as much as our blood. Whatever happens, they sure won't get my fear.

Why Live In Israel Today?

Despite the uncertainty and threat of terror, Israelis are here to stay.

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