Yom HaZikaron, Israel Memorial Day, is observed the day before Israel Independence Day. On it the nation mourns the soldiers who have given their lives to protect the country, as well as victims of terror attacks. It will next be observed on May 4, 2022.

Diamonds and Other Rocks of Love

Your gravestone is covered with hundreds of rocks, each one carrying a message of love.

Why We Fight

It was clear to the soldiers why they fight. It was also clear why they’d prefer not to have to.

Celebrate Life

An open letter to Eva Sandler who lost her husband and two sons in the Toulouse terrorist attack.

Israel's Moral Army

An eye-opening interview with the man who helps set the IDF’s ethical parameters.

Thank You, First Sergeant A.

A letter to Israel's Navy Seals who bear Jewish history’s burden on their shoulders.

Heroes of Israel: Sherri & Seth Mandell

Bringing light from the darkest cave.

The Mercaz HaRav Massacre

How does one experience great joy on what for me is the saddest day of the year?

Today We Buried Gedalia

As we remember the great sacrifice of the soldiers who were killed defending Israel, the following is a tribute to one of the latest heroes of Israel.

Heroes of Israel: Bankrupting Terror

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the voice of the victims.

From Mother to Son

A mother's letter to her son who was murdered in Mercaz Harav one year ago.

The First of the Fallen

I was introduced to Dvir at his funeral.

The Golden Boy

However one measures strength, Shai Haim is a very strong man.

Funeral for Baruch

Instead of crying, a reason to sing.

A Blizzard in Shilo

Longing for redemption; longing for home.

A Light in the Darkness

A personal account of an act of kindness bestowed upon 600 weary Israeli soldiers.

In the Hands of the Enemy

An exclusive interview with Benny Regev, brother of captive soldier, Eldad Regev.

My Israeli Army Experience

This really is an army like no other.

Remembering the Captured Soldiers

The moment we forget Gilad, Eldad, and Udi, they're lost.

Remembering Ari Fuld: Miracle In Lebanon

When God performs miracles for us, what should we do in return?

My Lebanon War Story

One soldier's battle for life.

Our War

With so many of our synagogue's sons and daughters in the thick of the fight, this war is our war.

Angels of Death Knocking at my Door

A father should not say Kaddish for his son; a brother and sister should not have to bid a last goodbye to their 19-year-old brother.

Michael Levin: An Israeli Hero for Our time

Friends of Michael Levin, 22, mourn his death and remember his inspiring life..

The Jeep

After terrorists murder a family member.

From Lebanon, with Love

As a mother of a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, I pride myself on being pretty calm. But all that changed this past summer.

Each Name A Promise

Thoughts from a bereaved Israeli mother.

Lessons from a teenage Terror Victim

My long road from angry to hopeful.

For Benji

Benji Hillman gave his life defending the People of Israel, leaving behind his wife he married only three weeks earlier.

Through the Eyes of a Soldier

As an Israeli soldier disturbing the daily routines of Arabs, I began to question the validity of what I was doing. It didn't take long for me to find the answers.

The Swifts and The 13 Holy Soldiers

Reminders of what it means to be a Jew.

An Army with a Heart

The IDF's duty is not only to defend the country, but to strengthen the weaker elements of Israeli society as well.

Missing in Action

Memorial Day is especially painful for the families of soldiers whose fate remains unknown.

A Place to Sigh: Israel Memorial Day

Thousands of strangers come to the funeral of a soldier who was kidnapped, tortured and killed because of his Star of David.

His Name Was Nachshon Wachsman

A mother, who mobilized the world to save her son -- an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas terrorists -- tells the story of one fateful week in the history of Israel.

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