Why the Omer?: The Secret to Spiritual Growth

The deeper connection between counting the omer and the manna from heaven.

Hockey Heroics and the Omer

Preparing for the big moment is the key to victory.

Counting the Omer: 49-Day Program for Change

Every small step we take to become better has an effect on everyone around us.

Why Rabbi Akiva is My Hero

10 life lessons from an accessible giant.

Who Knows 50?

The distinguished number of transcendence.

Daily Omer Meditation

A practical guide to becoming great in 49 days.

Make the Omer Count

Instead of counting "down" toward the big day, we count "up" from one to 50. Why?

A Family Spiritual Countdown

Infusing your children with the essence of the Omer.

Mind Over Matter

The mitzvah of counting the Omer holds the key to understanding the proper balance between thoughts and feelings.

Sefira Beards and Beacons

Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg's insights on the mourning period for Rebbe Akiva's students.

Counting with the 48 Ways

Change your life with the 48 Ways -- A Way a Day!

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