Lively Haggadah Overview

Insights and stories to share on Seder night.

Four Sons and the Child Within

The Haggadah's Four Sons are really each of us, struggling to find our path in life and in the Jewish world.

Festivals of Spring

Passover offers the spiritual opportunity to move from hesitant faith to empowering knowledge.

Passover: Kosher By Design

Exquisite Passover recipes from the bestselling cookbook.

Born Free?

Quite the contrary. Learn how to choose freedom this Passover.

Why Is This Child Different?

Why did our family, like American Jewish families everywhere, recognize Passover as the one thing we would never forget?

Bondage: Circa 2004

Remembering that success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Etymology of "Passover"

Why name this key holiday after a house-skipping incident?

The Search for Chametz

Besides the weeks of cleaning is the essential search the night before Passover.

Selected Guidelines for The Seder

A handful of essential tips for a smooth and kosher Seder.

A Gourmet Passover

Cooking for Passover can be easy and delicious.

Leaving Egypt

Within each of us there is a spiritual Egypt from which we must extricate ourselves daily.

The Inner Meaning of Matzah

Eating matzah is an act of defying the laws of nature, time and history.

Passover 1941

A Passover story of Holocaust survival demonstrates how the powerful life force of a Jewish woman connects our past, present and future.

Passover: Homeland Security for the Jewish People

Our kids have had a mighty tough year. Passover can help.

The Spark of Freedom

Passover affixed within the collective Jewish soul the commitment to build a better world free of cynicism and moral confusion.

Burst Balloon

Passover is the season to dispel falsehood and pursue truth.

The Seder: A Spiritual Journey

The Passover Seder is God's order for how to proceed from spiritual slavery to spiritual freedom.

The Mystical Art of Passover Cleaning

How to put your ego in check and let your soul shine through.

Let My People Go -- Where?

Physical freedom is not enough. Passover provides the opportunity of freedom with purpose.

A Meaty Passover

Three great recipes for meat at your Passover Seder.

Passover Ten Plagues Coloring Pages

Print out these coloring pages and enjoy!

Seder Plate - 15 Steps

The 15 Seder steps and what they symbolize.

Passover Cleaning Made Easy

By knowing what and how to clean, Passover cleaning needn't be a chore.

Kiddush - First Cup

Why is this one of the 15 steps to freedom?

Cooking Tips

Tips to help make your Pesach cooking experience a breeze.

Urchatz - Karpas

Lessons and ideas behind these two symbols.

Dairy Lunch #2

A light, festive, spring lunch to match the season.

Family Fun with the Ten Plagues

Add an experiential, dramatic element to the evening.

Breaking the Middle Matzah

Why is this one the 15 Steps to Freedom?

Passover Puzzle

Puzzles for the whole family to enjoy!

Maggid - Bread of Affliction

"This is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt."

Laws of the Seder

A practical guide to the Seder night.

Dairy Yom Tov Lunch

A refreshing change from a heavy meat meal.

A Seder to Impress your Mother

The best of traditional and the latest Passover recipes.

All Who Are Hungry

"All who are hungry ― come and eat. All who are needy ― come join the Passover celebration."

A Seder to Impress Your Mother-in-Law

Recipes that everyone will love!

Word Jumble

Print out and see if you could find the words below hidden in the square. The words can be downwards, sideways, or diagonal.

Next Year, Free!

"Next year in the land of Israel. Next year, free people."

Alternatively Traditional Seder

Recipes for the Seder with a little 'twist'!

Passover Mazes

'Find the Chametz' and 'Afikoman' Mazes.

When Passover Falls Out on Saturday Night

When the Passover Seder comes right after Shabbat, the rules are a whole lot different.

Bnei Brak Wise Men

"Whoever talks at length about Exodus from Egypt is praiseworthy."

Machine Matzah

The square matzah or the round matzah: What shall you eat?

Mostly Traditional Seder

Excellent recipes for a classic, traditional Seder.


Chocolate Mousse, Meringue Cookies, Poached Pears, and more...

Selling the Chametz

Pack up your crackers and sell them for a week.

Baruch Hamakom

"Blessed is The One Who gave the Torah to His people Israel."

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