Pet Food for Passover

If Fido is hungry on Passover, here's what you can ― and can't ― feed your family pet.


Carrot, apple, farfel and spinach kugels. Mmmm!

Passover Cushion for Leaning

Why not make yourself or a family member a great cushion cover for leaning on at the Seder!

Rosh Chodesh Nissan

God is ready to give us opportunity right now. Choose it!

All About Kitniyot

Everybody knows you can't eat bread during Passover. But what's the deal with not eating rice and beans, too?

Idolators - 400 Years

Life is a continuous process toward self-discovery. It is never too late.


Thought you could't make delicious entrees for Passover? Think again!

Models of the 'Four Sons'

This is fun to do with as many members of the family as possible and bring them to the Seder table.

Make an Afikoman Bag

Why not surprise your father or grandfather and give them this beautiful hand made Afikoman holder that you made!!!

Dairy Lunches

Matzah Pizza, Lasange, and more!

What Makes It Kosher?

With today's manufacturing processes, if it doesn't say "kosher," you can't be exactly sure what's in there!

Vi-He She-Amda

Have others really tried to destroy us in every generation?

Make a Matzah Holder

Make your very own Matza holder to put on the seder table for everyone to enjoy.

Down to Egypt

Our forefather Jacob did not go to Egypt to settle permanently, but only to reside temporarily.

Matzah Balls

Add a new dimension to your soups!

Seder Preparations Checklist

Seder means "order" because there are so many details to remember.

Fish and Appetizers

It's a big hit at our table and I'm sure it will be at yours as well.

Hard Labor

When the Jews assimilate and become "full-fledged Egyptians," the result is anti-Semitism.

Cried Out to God

We cried out to God. He heard our voice and saw our affliction.

Elijah's Favorite Seder

A great Rabbi finds out that Elijah liked best the simple Seder of a poor man who captured the meaning of Pesach in one heartfelt prayer.


It's supposed to remind us of the mortar for the bricks, but it happens to taste really good.

The Sweetest Matzah Ever

A few weeks before Passover, a handful of Jewish prisoners in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia decided they wanted to celebrate the upcoming Jewish festival.

God Brought Us Out

"In all the gods of Egypt will I execute judgment... I am God and no other."

Ten Plagues

How does modern man understand plagues and miracles?

Bubbles of Joy

The legacy of a young girl who died from cancer teach us how to leave our own Egypts and gain freedom by giving others joy.

Dayenu! Many Plagues

The number of plagues was 5-fold, corresponding to the 5-letter Name of God which represents justice.

Vehi Sheamda

This short passage from the Haggadah has given hope to Jews over the centuries, particularly in times of oppression.

Pesach Offering

Why did our ancestors eat the Passover offering at the Holy Temple?

The Four Sons

The Four Sons serve as a wonderful model on how to transmit our rich heritage effectively, tailor-made to each child's capacity and unique way of learning.

Ma Nishtana - The Four Questions

Ideas and games that are guaranteed to bring to life some of the key sections of the Haggadah with your family.

Matzah Explained

What is the reason we eat Matzah?

Marror Explained

What is the reason we eat the bitter herbs?

In Every Generation

Young Jews are being lost to apathy and assimilation. Let's leave an empty seat at the Seder.


"It is our duty to thank, praise, honor, bless and respect He who did all these miracles for our ancestors and for us."

Eating the Matzah

It is a Torah mitzvah to eat matzah on Seder night.

Passover: A Love Story

The love story began on a night when the loved one was totally unprepared, undeserving of love, yet the lover came anyway and saved her.

Bitter Herbs and Korech Sandwich

The why's and how's of eating bitter herbs on Seder night.

Festive Meal, Afikomen, Grace

Why are these part of the 15 steps to Freedom?

Door for Elijah and Hallel

Elijah the Prophet occupies a fascinating role in Jewish history.

Seder Conclusion

Next Year in Jerusalem!

Four Sons

Educate the child according to his way.

Seder for the Soul

The 15 Steps of the Passover Seder as a Guide to Self-Growth

Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom is not defined as coming and going as you please. True freedom is making independent choices -- and achieving meaningful goals in life.

Idealism, Chametz, and Freedom

Trying to make the world a better place is a deep drive within every human being. But somewhere along the way, many give up and trade in that value for more creature comforts.

Barriers to Freedom

Freedom from physical slavery is the first exodus. Then comes freedom from psychological enslavement. Passover shows us how to break lose from our mental chains.

Commandments Equal Freedom

Disciplining oneself to observe the mitzvot of the Torah sounds about as fun as twisting oneself into a pretzel. But as any virtuoso will testify, it is from discipline that greatness springs forth.

Freedom and Self Awareness

Humans can sometimes get stuck in a trap of self-delusion that is as confining as any prison. The good news is there's a way out.

Four Sons, Four Questions

What is really going on with the Four Sons, how do they relate to the Four Questions -- and what does it mean for us today?

The Passover Paradox

Exile means learning who we are not and who we would never want to be; redemption means discovering our true identity.

The Empty Chair Prayer

The Jewish people have suffered immeasurable tragedy in the last century alone. The crisis of today demands our utmost attention.

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