1. An old white/ cream/ light blue/ yellow or plain color pillow clover.
  2. Sponges to cut in all different shapes or potatoes cut in half with cut out shapes sticking out (see picture)
  3. Goache or acrylic paint
  4. Newspaper to cover the table




  • Choose the Hebrew or English words you want to write in the middle of the cushion.

Click words to get cut out for stencils. Suggestions of words for center:


  1. Passover
  2. Pesach (English)
  3. Pesach (Hebrew)
  4. Festival of Freedom (English)
  5. Festival of Freedom (Hebrew)



  • Choose different shapes you might want to do for the border or choose one to do in different colors all the way round the edges.
  • Cut out sponge in shape of pattern you want to do. Possible ideas: pyramid, stick men coming out of Egypt, matzah, wine or any design you like.
  • Pour color paints into plastic plates and dip sponge or potato printing shape into paint and print on your pillow.
  • When dry, stuff with a pillow.
  • You now are the proud owner of a beautiful personalized leaning cushion for Seder night. Lean back as a free person.