Purim Food for Thought

Healthy and simple mishloach manot ideas.

Learn Hebrew: Purim

Celebrating our deliverance from the clutches of evil.

Purim in Persia

Another feast celebrating God's abandonment of Israel puts in motion a plot to annihilate the Jews.

Masked Purim Veggies

Home baked vegetable delectables dressed up for Mishloach Manot

Purim Coloring Pages

What fun! Print out these coloring pages, color, and enjoy!

Purim: On the Brink

How far would you go to save your child?

Behind the Mask

Why do we wear costumes on Purim?

Pop's Megillah

Did my grandfather realize that his proud and sturdy Megillat Esther would 100 years later be treasured by his grandson whom he would never meet?

Purim with Pizzazz

A simply delicious Purim menu.

Fast of Esther

The fast of the 13th of Adar is intended to hone the soul and galvanize Jewish strength for the challenges ahead.

Purim Costumes Made Easy

Simple, inexpensive ideas for making no-sew Purim costumes.

Purim Potential

How to take off your mask and show the real you. (2 min.)

Wheel of Fortune: A Purim Story

Sometimes things that seem bad are really God's hidden ways of giving us something good.

Shushan Purim

Are you a resident of a "walled city"? If so, you'll celebrate Purim on a different day than other Jews.

Dr. Mitzvah - Purim

An upside-down turn-around day.

Healthy Purim Gift Baskets

If I care enough to give them a food basket, why would I give them "food" that rots their teeth and clogs their arteries?

Care Packages

Did it matter that I was being wrongfully accused? The bond between us was still broken.

Reading the Megillah

The laws of reading the book of Esther twice on Purim.

Jewish Heroes

The Story of Purim provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about heroes and heroines.

The Purim Story

Is Purim just a fun-filled dress up holiday? Or is it something more? Perhaps it's a flip-flop, upside-down, full of surprises kind of day...not at all what you'd expect.


This Purim, try something different. Five great recipes!

When God Hides His Face

Even when the situation appears bleak, God is still there behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

60-Second Megillah Overview

A quick play-by-play recounting of the Purim story - how Mordechai and Esther pulled off the save of the century.

Gifts to Friends and the Poor

Giving food and money spurs feelings of camaraderie and unity among Jews. It's also a special mitzvah on Purim.

Gifts to the Poor

In-depth laws for how to do Matanot La'evyonim correctly!

Ganza Megillah

A detailed summary of the Purim story - the next best thing to reading the whole megillah by yourself.

Dropping the Mask

In our story, two boys drop their masks to reveal their true selves and are happy they did it.

The Choice of Adar

Purim teaches us to appreciate the world's awesome beauty, amidst so much chaos and horror.

Costume Madness

On Purim, masks and costumes reveal more than they conceal.

Sudden Reversal

Is Purim just a fun-filled holiday? Or is it something more?

Historical Overview

The key points of history show how easily the mighty can fall, and how survival of the Jews depends on a connection to God.

Yummy Recipes

Eating and drinking is an integral part of the Purim holiday. Here are ideas for doing it right.

The Festive Purim Meal

Get out the silly string afor the wackiest time of the Jewish year. But don't forget the rules.

Lively Megillah Overview

The Book of Esther, based on the Talmud, Midrash and commentary of the Malbim.

Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to teach the basics of the Purim Story.

Purim and Nature

Understanding the Hebrew word "teva" sheds light on the story of Purim.

The Half-Shekel

In-depth laws for the mitzvah of commemorating Machatzit HaShekel.

Hidden Miracles

Purim teaches us how to find God behind the curtain of history - and in today's headlines.

Making it Fun

The Purim holiday offers creative activities to help children bond to their Jewish identity. Here's how parents can maximize the holiday.

Purim: Best Director

Scorsese move over. Purim reminds us who is really sitting in the director's chair.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Perhaps this is the 'big moment' you were created for.

Today's Hero

Queen Esther shows us how we can all be heroes.

Esther's Echo to the Past

Fascinating connections between Esther and the biblical figures of Sarah, Joseph and Saul.

The Two Sides of the Purim Mask

Exploring the Purim/Yom Kippur contrast.

Purim: Serious Joy

Exploring four central themes of Purim.

Purim in the Valley of Tears

For a brief instant, the dreadful reality of the SS death camp had been forgotten, all the hunger and suffering had receded.

Darkness Before the Dawn

Purim teaches us how to trust God even when engulfed in darkness and doubt.

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