Purim: The Holiday in Hiding

Revealing why the story of Purim is wrapped in a disguise and concealed behind a mask.

Redemption by Reversal

Unlocking the mystery behind Purim's unique, mystical redemption.

A Tale of Two Megilot

In an apartment in Jerusalem, there reside two Scrolls of Esther that tell a story of exile and escape, hope and failure.

Stalin and the Purim Present

A new book reveals that Stalin met his fate poised to launch a post-Holocaust holocaust of his own.

Purim in Dachau

Suddenly we noticed Chaim standing in the snow and shouting, "Haman to the gallows! And we all know which Haman we are talking about!"

Gulf War Miracles

Saddam Hussein, a "reincarnated Babylonian king," ended his evil plan to kill the Jews with a Purim miracle.

Esther's Hidden Strength

Esther was a lonely orphan who developed within herself the unusual qualities of piercing through veils and touching all hearts.

The Villainy of Vashti

The character of Queen Vashti in the Purim story helps us define what it means to be a hero or a villain.

Remembering Amalek

Amalek had a vested interest in attacking the Jewish people, whose very existence proved the existence of God to the world.

Becoming a Holy Drunk

It seems a bit funny, but getting drunk on Purim can be a spiritual experience.

The Doubting Heart

Purim changed our relationship to God from being driven by fear to being driven by love.

Purim Metamorphosis: A Fable

One Purim, I woke up as a turtle. Now how would you feel if you found yourself transformed into a turtle?

Purim and Winning the Lottery

Purim's jackpot teaches that all of life is rigged.

Drink 'Till You...

L'chaim! What's behind the unique mitzvah of getting drunk on Purim?

Purim Vs. Yom Kippur

Purim is holier than Yom Kippur? They didn’t teach that in Hebrew school!

Mystical Insights of Adar

Every Jewish month has its unique kabbalistic power. "Conquering your enemies" is the opportunity of Adar.

Seventh of Adar

Haman picked this day as the best time to plot the destruction of the Jewish people. His calculations left out one crucial thing...

From Shushan to Jerusalem

Purim is the time of sudden reversal, a time to prepare for the rebuilding of eternal Jerusalem.

Discovering Jewish Identity

When the Jews attended the king's party, they thought it was all just a "good time". Or was it a slap in the face of Jewish culture and tradition?

Haman: Heir to Amalek

Amalek, the nation that personified evil, insisted that God was absent in the world and everything happened by chance.

Principles of the Soul: #7 - Purim, Soul and Your Role in History

Purim teaches us that nothing is random, and that every soul has a role to play in the Divine tapestry called history.

Happy Purim Foods!

These yummy dishes will add some joy to your festive Purim meal.

Purim: Mishloach Manot Ideas

Something a little different.

Purim Blast

Great Purim recipes for a bunch of fun party themes.

Queen Esther and the Nazis

I never doubted that the God who watched over my grandmother in Nazi Germany would watch over me as well.

Famous Jewish Mothers

What if these famous people had Jewish mothers? Frenetic comedy in the spirit of Purim.

Purim Masks and Gas Masks

Just when my son thought the Purim fun was over, his eyes sparkled at the thought of a donning a different kind of mask and starting a new Purim again.

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