Jewish Heroes

The Story of Purim provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about heroes and heroines.

The Purim Story

Is Purim just a fun-filled dress up holiday? Or is it something more? Perhaps it's a flip-flop, upside-down, full of surprises kind of day...not at all what you'd expect.

Dropping the Mask

In our story, two boys drop their masks to reveal their true selves and are happy they did it.

Sudden Reversal

Is Purim just a fun-filled holiday? Or is it something more?

Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to teach the basics of the Purim Story.

Making it Fun

The Purim holiday offers creative activities to help children bond to their Jewish identity. Here's how parents can maximize the holiday.

Dr. Mitzvah - Purim

An upside-down turn-around day.

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