Four Parshiot

In the weeks surrounding Purim, four special Torah readings inspire the rest of the year.

Fast of Esther

The fast of the 13th of Adar is intended to hone the soul and galvanize Jewish strength for the challenges ahead.

Shushan Purim

Are you a resident of a "walled city"? If so, you'll celebrate Purim on a different day than other Jews.

Reading the Megillah

The laws of reading the book of Esther twice on Purim.

Gifts to Friends and the Poor

Giving food and money spurs feelings of camaraderie and unity among Jews. It's also a special mitzvah on Purim.

Gifts to the Poor

In-depth laws for how to do Matanot La'evyonim correctly!

Laws of Mishloach Manot

In-depth laws for how to do the mitzvah correctly!

The Festive Purim Meal

Get out the silly string afor the wackiest time of the Jewish year. But don't forget the rules.

The Half-Shekel

In-depth laws for the mitzvah of commemorating Machatzit HaShekel.

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