Overview of the Entire Torah

A big picture look at the books of the Bible and the Oral Law.

Shavuot Learn-a-thon

Awakening from our national slumber.

Process of Transmission

Everyone knows that the Talmud is full of disagreements. Does this mean that the information is inaccurate? Actually it proves the opposite!

Accuracy of Torah Text

The great success of Jewish tradition is the meticulous transmission of the Torah text. But actually how accurate is it?

What is the Oral Torah?

The content of the Talmud, the accompanying oral part of the Torah, was actually transmitted before the written Bible.

People of the Book

Jews have long been known as the "People of the Book." Here's why.

All Nite Tora-thon

What does Torah learning mean to the Jewish people? And is it really worth staying up all night for?

Rational Belief

Should acceptance of the Torah be based more on evidence, or more on faith? The answer: It depends.

Galactic Torah

Talmudic wisdom is no "puff of start dust."

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