Simchat Torah: Just You and Me

Amidst all the dancing and revelry, we realize just how alone we are with God.

Dancing with the Rebbe

My father died just before Simchat Torah and I couldn't bring myself to join the others in dancing. Then I remembered the following incredible story.

A Soviet Simchat Torah

For the Jews of Soviet Russia who celebrated nothing else, Simchat Torah was enough to transmit the full weight of what it means to be a Jew.

One More Day

When hellos are so sweet, goodbyes are all the more difficult.

An Invitation To Dance

Simchat Torah: What's the big deal?

Shmini Azeret and Simchat Torah

God adds a special day at the end of Sukkot, a day of great intimacy with our Creator, as He asks His Jewish children to remain with him for extra personal time together.

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