A Taste of Better Times to Come

A feast of rotten potatoes in Leipzig.

The Unfinished Diary: A Chronicle of Tears

A rare Holocaust diary appears 70 years after being written by its doomed author.

Jewish Women on a Train

After seeing the whole world bleed and collapse in on itself, this cannot be happening. We must jump.

The Holocaust Torah

How did a survivor who wouldn’t buy a ticket to Israel afford to commission a Torah scroll all by himself?

Passover in Hell

My grandfather’s Passover Seder, hiding from Nazis in the Krakow Ghetto.

The Surviving Tree

Fanny and Jerry Goose’s story of surviving the Holocaust.

Finding Home

The incredible determination and faith of Ben Hirsch, a German boy left orphaned by the Holocaust.

My Holocaust Revenge

I made a vow: If I survived Buchenwald, I would return and kill the mayor’s wife.

My Grandfather and Kristallnacht

My grandfather woke up that morning in Berlin to see the synagogue engulfed in flames.

The Holocaust's Foremost Unsung Hero

Moshe Kraus saved tens of thousands of Jews. Why has no one heard of him?

The Jews of Zakynthos

How Zakynthos, a Greek island, hid its Jews from the Nazis.

Walking with the Enemy

Disguised as a Nazi, Pinchas Rosenbaum saved hundreds of Jews in Hungary.

Responding to Holocaust Denial

We have a duty to educate the world. Here is one survivor’s harrowing story.

Murdered at Auschwitz

My name is Yechiel Michoel Friedman. I was murdered in Auschwitz and don't you ever forget me.

Defeating Evil

At the age of 1, I survived the selection in the Kovno Ghetto that wiped out a third of the population.

Running from Giants

My grandfather’s struggle to survive in Nazi occupied Europe.

Zachor: We Will Never Forget

Ben Lesser a Holocaust survivor, on living a life that matters.

Requiem for a Nightmare

A story of survival and a libretto for six million.

Honoring an Arab Righteous Gentile

Dr. Mohamed Helmy, an Egyptian Arab, risked his own life to save a Jewish family during the Holocaust.

The Violin that Witnessed History

Violinist Bronislaw Huberman saved hundreds from the Nazis. The amazing story behind Joshua Bell’s priceless Stradivarius.

Liberating Buchenwald

How Rabbi Herschel Schacter saved the life of a Jewish boy who grew up to be Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau.

Everything Is a Present

The inspiration behind an Oscar-nominated documentary, Alice Herz-Sommer passed away a week before the Academy Awards at age 110.

God Has Not Forsaken You

Along with the horrors of the Holocaust, we must never forget the courage and unwavering faith.

Buchenwald, Block 66

The man who saved 900 Jewish boys inside a death camp.

Silence is Not an Option

Born and raised in Poland, I assumed my mother’s Holocaust burden.

Belzec: A Survivor

The Jews were packed into cattle cars and covered with lime, which burned their flesh right off the bones.

Initiation Into Labor Camp Life

I started on the lower bunk. As more people were killed, space opened up on the upper bunks.

Liquidation of Kamionka Labor Camp

Throughout the gunfire and screaming, I could hear a violin playing and a woman singing.

The Russian Invasion

Had we taken Hitler's book and speeches literally, we might have acted differently.

When the Germans Entered the Town

The Germans' main objective was to humiliate the people and make them targets for vicious beatings.

Tefillin in Hell

A 70-year saga of torture, escape and reunion.

Angels in the Dark

The amazing story of survival in the sewers of Lvov.

Off the Face of the Earth

The remarkable story of a group of Holocaust survivors who hid in one of the world's largest caves.

Jewish Mothers in the Holocaust

There are no words to describe their valor, only prayers.

Saved by a Prayer

One Jew's miraculous story.

Her Name Was Klara Jasinski

My childhood view of a shattered, melodious life.

Long Lost Brothers

When they posted a photo on a Holocaust victims’ database, they never imagined where it would lead.

Beyond Schindler’s List

How Schaja Kleinberg’s survived the Holocaust and saved a 400-year-old Torah scroll.

Rabbi Lau’s Testimony of Faith

“You cannot explain one moment of my survival without miracles.”

The Baker's Tale

The remarkable story of a Jewish boy in the Holocaust and the non-Jewish family that saved him.

Back to Ukraine

A mass grave, 70 years later.

Voices from the Holocaust

True stories, passed down as a sacred oral tradition, that capture the Jewish spirit.

The Iasi Pogrom

My father was the chief rabbi where one of the most violent pogroms in Jewish history took place.


How the Bielski Partisans built a village amidst the Nazi death machine.

Haunting Fragments

My journey to the camps in Poland.

The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin

A true tale of escape, evasion and revenge.

Sometimes There are Tears in Color

The story of Leah Nebenzahl, a hidden child of the Holocaust.

The Brides of Bergen-Belsen

The bittersweet post-Holocaust weddings.

Zeidy’s Escape

My father's story of good and evil, despair and open miracle, and simple human kindness.

Circle of Faith

The incredible journey of a one-year-old Holocaust survivor.

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