Poland Video Log Part 1: At Treblinka Death Camp

The world's biggest graveyard.

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(7) Jim.Wright, August 2, 2011 11:15 PM

Never again.

What took place at all the Concentration Camps used by the Hitler era Germans,the camps were built for one pupose,to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth.We can Never allow this to take place anywhere ever again.You better believe that Iran,syria,libiya,and all Islam terrorist country's also see America as it's enemys.We stand as a free Nation ,or we fall as slaves to the will of the majority of Islam,muslim ,or anyone with the power to over throw us. Don't ever think that this is only about Israel.Just pick up a newspaper and let reality be your guide.It's real,it's happening,and may G-d be with all believers.We as Christians,Even in our Own country,are the minority today.Wake Up! Our enemy has been right at our backdoor.You work with them,you talk with them,you may even be they're friend. but the truth is if we don't stay focused as a Nation ,and stand with the most Loyal Nation to us ,then the U.S AND iSRAEL will be in serious trouble.May G-d be with us both.

(6) , March 18, 2010 1:00 PM

Very Informative

Excellent presentation - thought provoking

(5) Anonymous, July 23, 2009 5:15 AM

I went to Poland and the feeling is incredible. The thousands of people who died Al Kiddush Hashem- your emotions are on a stand still.

(4) Thomas Sumner, September 15, 2008 9:11 PM

Loving School Teacher

My ninth-grade kids viewed this clip today. We are presently studying Night. We also watched "clips" from Schindler's List. I want these young kids to feel the devestation. I think they're close.

(3) thomas eby, April 29, 2008 2:48 PM


Rabbi Salomon, I am truly unable to summarize as there is nothing I can say that would properly and revently expose how I feel. I have posted a few comments to you in the past on articles you have written or videoed.

I am a 72 year old man (tho not feeling old at all) who as a very young child heard bits and pieces of what was happening in this world I was born into at the time of these terrible crimes. I do know I would ask my mother why things like this could happen and as I recall she said that there are humans that have no regard for the beauty and rights of others and especially the Jews at this time. My mother was a devout catholic and always spoke well of all peoples on this earth who only wanted freedom and peace and she lived such a life and prayed for the Jews and our country.

For my part,as I grew to adulthood, I always tried to find out why men can be so beastly to his fellow man and for the life of me I still do not know why other than a very low self esteem on the part of the bullies and abusers.
I have many friends that are Polish and none of them can understand how a predominately catholic country could be so callous to their Jewish countrymen. Many who came from Poland could not answer. Even today as I read some of Elie Weisel's writing I recall his saying that even today when he has gone to Poland he was not received that well. In reading his book "Night" I realize why they may not want to recognize Elie and admit what happened to him, his father and millions of others in those camps.

I pray each day for people around the world that we may all have peace, love and understanding for our brothers and sisters.

God bless you and keep you strong in your faith and I pray that Israel will always stand.

Thomas Eby.........

(2) Bronwyn, July 22, 2007 7:23 AM

How can we save Western civilisation?

I am not Jewish but I, like most people educated in western counties, am burdened by the question of why the holocaust happened. There is never, of course,a satisfactory answer to this but I at least what helped a little by the interactive section 'Why the Jews?'; the jealousy of the jews stems from their being the holders and bringers of the ideal of morality that most westerners take for granted today but don't often or ever acknowledge it's origins.(So thank you very much for that section...this has bugged me for such a long time and I can now find a cause rather than an excuse, as is said.)
Pt 1 Rabbi Salomon's video brings me to another dilemna that also plays on my mind. I have been teaching English in Korea for a number of years(due to leave in 2 mnths) and despite finding many endearing qualities in many of the people I have met here, I am worried about the influence of East Asian sense of morality, in regards to the sanctity of sexuality and marriage, is having on Western culture, as it degrades and seems to be losing it's judaic moral foundation.
So my response to Rabbi Salomon's question about the future is that before arming ourselves with more weaponry, we had better be on guard against the enemy of immorality and somehow get the fundamental ten commandments back as the basis of general public attitude toward community, before we are swept away forever in wave complacency as we turn a blind eye to these negative influences in favor of doing business here.

(1) michele harvey, May 3, 2007 9:14 PM

the world's biggest graveyard treblinka graveyard

I had the priveledge to watch this video that will remind us of the horror us jews had to endure. endure we did and survive we will. thank you for your tremendous and dutiful efforts to educate and inform us all.


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