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This Year's Dream Hanukkah Gift

Mtn. Bike Rabbi

Shake off some of your misconceptions about Judaism

Rosh Hashanah Rap

Time is defined by the way that you make it.

Famous Jewish Mothers

What if these famous people had Jewish mothers? Frenetic comedy in the spirit of Purim.

Jewfro Diaries

How I learned to love my crazy Jewish hair.

New Purim Vocabulary Quiz

Discover new words you never knew you needed.

Money Talks

Judy's 10 Commandments for Saving Money

The Seven Secrets of Dysfunctional Families

Happily, practicing these seven principles will transform your perfectly functioning family into a completely dysfunctional one.

Kvellentine's Day

Let's turn chocolate consumption into a naches inducing affair.


It's time for the Jewish people to bring some love into the world... by converting cupid.

The Joys of Yiddish

Growing up in a family that spoke Yiddish, we kids were somewhat "punch line challenged."

Is Spider-Man Jewish?

Goldman, Lipman and Spider-Man: All Jewish names.

The Child- to-Parent Dictionary

Find out what your kids really mean when they say "I love you."

A Starbucks Star

Penning a quote on a Starbucks cup has been my brush with fame.

Israel Boycott

What would a real Israel Boycott look like?

Soul: Insights from the Hit Film

Jewish perspectives on the afterlife, purpose, and who you really are.

Letter to My Long-Lost Waist

Please come back to me. I miss you terribly.

Jerry Seinfeld's Talmud Lesson

Everything is contained within the Talmud -- even Seinfeld's discussion about "double dipping."

Jtube: 20/20: Stereotyping

Is it human nature to stereotype?

My 2020 Diary

In January I wrote: Happy 2020! My optometrist waited a lifetime for this year. It’s gonna be great!

Jtube: Year in Search 2020

What meaning have you found in this very challenging year?

It’s Just a Cold--Really

No, I didn’t say COVID, I said a COLD.

An Open Letter from Santa to Jewish Children

Jewish children, I’ve been outsourced, and now I need your help.

Jtube: The Simpsons: Krusty Sits Shiva

What is the best way to comfort a mourner?

COVID Hanukkah Gift Ideas

For your loved one, purchase the 80s classic song “U Can’t Touch This”, by M.C. Hammer

Jtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hanukkah and Kids on the Street

Have you ever been the first Jew a non-Jew has met?

Chanukah: Why We Fry

A brief history of the sufganiya – the Chanukah donut.

Vaccines for Jewish Ailments

Can someone come up with a vaccine for the loud people in shul who sit next to me?

Puppy for Hanukkah

I want a puppy for Hanukkah! And I'm gonna get just what I wanted!

Little Rabbinic Riding Hood

…and other Jewish children’s stories.

Jtube: Big Bang Theory

Why is respecting our parents such a difficult mitzvah?

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian’s mask is a perfect symbol for today’s masked society.

Jtube: Mr. D: The New Jew

What would you do if you just found out that you weren't Jewish?

Moishe and Me

My Jewish dog reminds me to be a mensch.

Music Is the Highest

For Daniel Zamir, making music is the ultimate spiritual experience.

10 Ways You Can Tell If Non-Jews Have Been Hanging Out with Jews

“Bitsy dahling! Whatever did you mean when you called Alistair a shmendrick while yachting?!”

Jtube: Three Amigos

How can we search ourselves to find great strengths where we never saw them before?

Digital Dating During Corona

How are Jewish singles supposed to meet in the Age of Corona?

Jtube: Welcome Back Kotter

Despite being dispersed throughout the world, what keeps us together as a people?

Craving Community

I’ve gone from having no community, to being in the standup comedy community, to being a member of the LA Jewish community. I’m a lucky man.

Houdini Escaped Everything Except His Jewish Heritage

Houdini put on tefilin daily and formed the Rabbis’ Sons Theatrical Benevolent Association.

Dedicated in blessed memory of Richard Allen Julis who made us laugh and made us better Jews.

Little Moishie watched, fascinated, as his mother gently rubbed cream on her face.

"Mommy, why are you rubbing that on your face?" he asked.

"To help make myself beautiful," said his mother.

A few minutes later, she began removing the cream with a tissue.

"What's the matter?" Moishie asked. "Are you giving up?"

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