Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep's new film reminded me to chew my food a little longer, and enjoy it a little more.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The film's powerful Rosh Hashanah message.

Moving on UP

The film "Up" teaches a lesson about not being afraid of life's new challenges.

Star Trek and God

Sci-fi fun often ignores the tough questions about human existence.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to God

You need to find the right question for the answer to make sense.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This well-meaning book ends up distorting the Holocaust.

The Soloist

Reporter Steve Lopez thought he found a story in Nathaniel Ayers. What he really found was a friend.


How the Bielski Partisans built a village amidst the Nazi death machine.

Alexander and the Jews

The pivotal scene that you won't see in any movie sets the stage for the story of Chanukah.

The Passion: A Historical Perspective

Mel Gibson's film fits comfortably within the history of Christian anti-Semitism.

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