Six Simple Strategies for Achieving Misery

The sobering fact is that serenity and joy are natural states for us all. Fear not. Practiced regularly, these strategies vastly improve our odds of attaining despair.

The Great Cholent Divide

The only important difference amongst world Jewry is between those who love Cholent and those who hate it.

The Office Exodus

First there was Charlton Heston, and now there's Jim Halpert.

The Matisyahu of Stand Up Comedy

For Yisrael Campbell, the journey from Catholicism to Judaism is a real laugh.

The Office: The Lost Purim Episode

The script of NBC's hit comedy that the Network doesn't want you to see.

Marc the Explorer

A stand-up comedian's brush with tragedy teaches him that laughter helps keep you connected to spirituality.

This Rabbi Can Rock

Shmuel Skaist drinks beer and thinks of himself as a rock star. He also has six kids and is a rabbi. He sees no contradiction between the two.

Jackie Mason: King of Jewish Comedy

An exclusive Jewlarious interview with a comedian who is truly Jewlarious.

The Humor of Hope

One woman show "Dai (Enough)" reflects the spectrum of Israeli society.

He Knows if You've Been Naughty or Nice

Mind reader Marc Salem knows what you're thinking. Be very careful.

The Daily Show with Rob Kutner

An interview with the four-time Emmy Award winning comedy writer.

Anne Frank and the Freedom Writers

The message of hope lives on in a most unlikely place.

The Haunted Smile

From vaudeville to the movies to television, how Jewish comedians transformed American entertainment.

Why Are Jews Funny?

An insider's look at the world of Jewish comedy.

The Hip-Hop Hebrew

Jewish comedian Eric Schwartz thinks that rap music is strictly Kosher.

2006 Jewlarious Awards

The Jewlarious Academy has voted, and the results are in…

Old Jewish Jokes

Did you hear the one about the rabbi from Chelm?

The Jewish Dis-Organization

A stand-up comedian struggles to find his way through the maze of the Jewish Dis-Organization.

Four-Letter Words

My stand up performance at Pepsi headquarters taught me a surprising lesson about corporate morality.

David Mamet's Question

David Mamet's new book asks some tough questions about being Jewish in an age of anti-Semitism.

The Outsider

Ophira Eisenberg is a little bit of an outsider. But that's what makes her funny.

Borat: Good Satire or Cheap Laughs?

The newly released film has been hailed as a satiric masterpiece. Does it live up to its hype?

Something I Said?

Jerry Seinfeld meets a heckler with an eye for talent.

Depressingly Funny

David Granirer was diagnosed with clinical depression. And he thinks that's hilarious.

A Stand Up Jew

Comedian Steve Mittleman has performed for just about everyone. But his favorite thing to do is to make Jewish people laugh.

Traveling with My Father

Mark Schiff's parents loved his act. In his father's final days, it brought them all closer together.

Sorry, Danny

After 20 years of story telling, the realization hits that it was at someone else's expense.

Me, Dave Chappelle and My Yarmulke

Comedian Dave Chappelle taught me an important lesson about being Jewish.

Comedy is Calling

Modi is a comedian who is proud to be Jewish. He wants you to be proud about it too.

Come on Down!

My lifelong dream was to become a contestant on The Price is Right. Along the way, I acquired another.

Laughter and Tears

A stand up comedian grapples with laughter during trying times.

A Time to Laugh

Why now is the best time to launch -- a new site dedicated to Jewish humor.

God's Comedian

Mark Schiff thinks that G-d is funny. G-d probably thinks Mark Schiff is funny too -- most people do.

Jewish American Idol

An exclusive, advanced look at the new TV reality show.

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