As you probably know, the new TV season begins in just a few days. What you may not know is that some of the shows have Jewish Themes. For example, CBS has finally found a follow up to its hit show Everyone Loves Raymond. It's called Everyone Hates the Jews and stars Mel Gibson as a famous sportswriter trying to hide his hatred of Jews from the world. Each episode will have a guest bigot who tries to convince Mel to "come out of the closet." Already signed as guests are Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hizballah Leader Hassan Nasrallah, and Ronald MacDonald.

The reality show Survivor has gotten lots of criticism for its new format, pitting four teams against each other along racial lines. They will continue to break ground with its next installment, Survivor Catskills. The cast of this version will be all Jewish men. The four teams will be organized as Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and those who would rather die then set foot in any of those shuls. Some of the "immunity challenges" on this survivor are incredibly arduous. The competitors actually have to use hand tools and make household repairs by themselves. There are emotional challenges as well. For instance, they are forced to call their mothers and explain to them why they aren't wearing sweaters even though temperatures have fallen below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

CNN has developed its first original documentary series, and by all accounts it will be a doozy. It's an artistic review called Newsmen Take the Darnedest Pictures. It is a look at the steps that news photographers take to doctor photos to skew public opinion against Israel. The first episode is called, The NY Times: Hints for Misleading Captions.

Joining the CBS line up is another spin-off of the popular show CSI. This one, entitled CSI: Human Rights Watch, has a rotating cast. Each week the focus is on a different human rights organization and how they examine evidence and twist it against Israel. The first episode takes a look at Amnesty International's recent report about the war in Lebanon. Its focus is on the wordsmiths, who made up international law when they decried Israel's defensive tactics as a war crime. In a riveting scene, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz asks why the Amnesty report does not condemn the Hizballah terrorists for starting the war, kidnapping Israeli soldiers, and raining down over 3000 rockets on Israeli cities, the Amnesty officials responded by saying, "Well, they didn't really mean it."

From the producers of Judge Judy comes Judge Kofi. In a twist from the standard courtroom show, the UN Secretary General pre-judges without the facts, gives unfair opinions and takes bribes for oil money. In fact, on his judges bench is a misquote from the Torah. In bold letters it says:

You shall not judge unfairly (except when judging Israel): you shall show no partiality, but those Zionists are always wrong; you shall not take bribes, but your son can take bribes from Iraq. Justice, justice, Fuhgeddaboutit!

One thing that does concern me -- there will be some many new shows with Jewish themes, but it does seem like they are showing the same old stories.