Carpool Craziness

I miss the school bus. Not that I’m chasing after it yelling “Wait!” but I yearn for it.


Already broken Jewish celebrity New Year’s resolutions.

The Jewish Disorder Manual

My very own Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for my very own people.

An Arab League Observer Speaks

An anonymous Arab League observer risks his life to Tweet from within Syria.

Behind the PTA

A teacher tells all about what’s really happening on parent teacher night.

Dear 2012

On open letter to 2012 on behalf of the Jewish people.

Extreme Sports: Jewish Style

A guide to upside down dreidel spinning.

The Jewish Grinch

As a Jew, I love the Christmas season, because it reminds me that I am different.

The 2011 Do Not Buy Guide

This year’s 6 least popular Chanukah gifts.


Is Tim Tebow taking a page from Judah the Maccabbee?

Jewish Empty Nesters

You know you're one when…

Arab League Sanctions Syria, Crushes Windpipes

“The press in the Arab world is free to criticize Syria -- and only Syria!”

Paul McCartney-owitz?

Rumor has it Paul McCartney is converting to Judaism. Nu, so let's investigate.

Thanksgiving Is for Turkeys

I’m sitting out Thanksgiving this year. Not because I am un-American, but because I’m full.

Don’t Ask Your Children This

Questions Jewish parents should never ask their children.

7 Billion Is Not Enough

World population may have hit seven billion people, but here’s why we need more.

Nobel Nobodies

5 Jewish geniuses were just awarded Nobel prizes. But sadly many more were rejected.

Yiddish Curses for the New Millennium

He should grow like an onion with his head in the ground.

The Year We Built the Sukkah

Some kids nag their dad to get them a dog. Mine nagged me to build them a sukkah.

It Could be Worse

With the ten days of repentance upon us, let’s work on our pessimism. Not that it’s going to help anything.

Finding Beauty in Tragedy

My husband just had a devastating stroke and the power of Jewish humor is helping me get through it.

Martha Stewartstein?

Oy Vey! It’s the Martha Stewartization of Israel!


Catholics are Catholics, never Catholic-ish, and Protestants are Protestants, never Protestant-ish. So why are we hedging our bets?


How to get Jewish followers on Twitter.

Like Totally Awesome

Millennial-Speak: Totally awesome ways to butcher an already totally awesome language.

The Tribe Hits the Tube

This year’s fall TV lineup has some interesting Jewish characters.

All the Trimmings

Five ways to save on your upcoming wedding.

Arab Spring and Israeli Summer

Israel is showing the world how it’s done once again. This time, it’s how to protest.

Jew Aid

Jewish celebrities band together to help trim the deficit.

The Lost Art of Babysitting

We beg them to let us pay them to come to our houses, sit on our couch, do almost no work and raid our refrigerator. The teenagers have officially won.

Will & Kate’s Excellent Jewish Adventure

What would it look like if Will and Kate came to my house for dinner…

The Jewish Mantra

“Oy” is a tiny word that goes a long way.

The Jewish Brotherhood

Israel’s future political force?

The Art of the Shmooze

Improve your Shmooze IQ with my Shmooze Dos and Don’ts.

Seoul Man

I have a message for my Korean exchange student, 20 years in the making.

If I Were a Rich Woman

I write for a living. In other words, I ain’t rich.

Hard Work

Check out this survey of the worst summer jobs for Jewish students…ever.

My Commencement Address

Students around the world who will be graduating shortly, gather around and listen to my pearls of wisdom.

Did Jews Kill Bin Laden?

An elite team of Jewish celebrities may have helped bring down Bin Laden.

Clipping Internet Coupons

I never thought I'd miss green stamps.

Bar Mitzvah Life Lessons

All I really need to know in life, I learned from my Bar Mitzvah.

Passed Over

My wanderings through the Hollywood desert.

The Passover Hustle

I love cleaning for Passover. No, I am not mentally unstable.

Don't Ask Your Spouse This

Five questions you should never ask your spouse.

Priscilla’s First Purim

Priscilla writes to her friend Vivian about experiencing her first ever Purim.

Jews Love Questions

To be or not to be? You call that a good question?

Fiddler on the Roof: New and Improved?

Sholem Alechim’s short story has been revamped for 2011. And you will love it. Or not.

British vs. Yiddish

On my first trip to Britain, even though I spoke the same language, I felt very different.

Crouching Tiger Mother Hidden Dragon

Amy Chua unleashed a firestorm of debate about “wimpy” western child rearing. Is she right?

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