Jewish Sports Legends

No, I'm not Kidding

The New Jewish Calendar: Part 2

Five more Jewish "National Holidays" to the secular calendar.

The New Jewish Calendar

It's time we Jews added a few "National Days" of our own to the secular calendar.

WouldJew Believe #11

Odd and interesting facts such as...Abe Lincoln Jewish? No way!

Green Eggs and Matzo Brei

I have a theory that Dr. Seuss was one of those Righteous Gentiles who helped hide the Jews – between the lines of his prose.

My Husband's Midlife Crisis

Some men buy sports cars. My husband does push ups.

Recession Rocks Israel's Fig Market

Tu Bishvat Revelers Decided to Consume Cheap Almonds Instead

Yes, I Wrote for Seinfeld

Writing for the hit television show Seinfeld was in many ways a very Jewish experience.

Proof Jews Are Inventive

A few lesser known Jewish accomplishments to make you proud.

Bishop Williams: I'm Sorry...Kind of

Jewlarious has got an advanced copy of Richard Williams "apology." You are going to want to read this.

A Chanukah February

The forces of Goodness have prevailed! Celebrate and spin your dreidels!

Thou Shalt Twitter

Moses could have saved himself a lot of tzuris if he'd have been able to lead the Jews via Twitter.

WouldJew Believe #10

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts like...Jews invented bananas??


An Open Letter to President Barack Obama: Appoint a Secretary of Jewish Affairs!

The Seven Secrets of Dysfunctional Families

Happily, practicing these seven principles will transform your perfectly functioning family into a completely dysfunctional one.


It's time for the Jewish people to bring some love into the world... by converting cupid.

The Two Me's

How do I reconcile Jewish Andy with latently gentile Andy?

Junk Cheer

If unwanted mail is "Junk Mail," I've coined a phrase for unwanted holiday cards -- "Junk Cheer."

Lesser Known Jewish Miracles

Chanukah marks one of Judaism's major miracles. Today we acknowledge some of the slightly less major ones.

Oil In A Day's Work

A Transcript of the Congressional Hearing on the Inexplicable Oil Price Fluctuations

WouldJew Believe #9: Holiday Edition

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts like… the existence of a special Chanukah Beer: 8 Malts, 8 Hops, and 8% Alcohol. L'Chaim!

Murphosky's Law

Forget Murphy's Law. We Jews have "Murphosky."

Jewfro Diaries

How I learned to love my crazy Jewish hair.

Bailout Shmailout!

My solution for our ailing economy.

Coming to a Theatre Near Jews!

Jewish Film Festivals are growing in popularity. Watch local listings for the best cinema of 5769.

The First (Jewish) Thanksgiving

The Academy of Obscure Jewish History reveals that the actual first American Thanksgiving took place between Native Americans and Jews.

Conservation Conversion

In another era they would have called us miserly. Now we're environmentalists.

The Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz #2

Think you are a yiddishe "maven?" Well then take the Yiddishe quiz!

Goyish Vs. Jewish, Part 3

The final installment in our survey of the things that just "feel" Jewish, and those that don't.

Guilt Trippings

Read this article. You don't want to? Fine, your loss.

Can You Keep a Secret?

My recent success at keeping a secret exposed everyone else's utter failure.

Oil Prices So Low, Arab Nations Consider Educating Youth

Terror organizations to hold massive car wash

Election Top Tens

Jewlarious has created a top ten list in honor of this year's election.


Things Jews find far scarier than Halloween.

All Bar and No Mitzvah

In planning my son's bar mitzvah I have begun to wonder if we as a community are not putting the emphasis in the wrong place.

WouldJew Believe #8

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts including ... the power of chicken soup -- for pandas.

Remembering Manichewitz

I remember the days when there was only one kosher wine -- Manichewitz. How sweet those days were…


Allow me to clarify for you which real (and not so real) characters are Jewish with my highly developed Jewish radar or "Jewdar."

The Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz #1

Think you are a yiddishe "maven." Take the Ultimate Yiddishe Quiz!

Fall - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer is for kids. Fall is my kind of season.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Different political beliefs are coming between me and my friends. But I just might have the solution.


Mazel Tov! New Jewish Planet Discovered!

WouldJew Believe #7

Outrageous, odd and fascinating Jewish facts like...a Yiddish word wins the National Scrabble Championship.

Beware of the Food Police

Some cities mandate restaurants to post calorie contents. I hope that kosher establishments are exempt.

The Ten Commandments of Jewish Worry: Part 2

Part two in our series about the "mitzvah" of worrying.

Step Bubbiehood

As a middle aged girlfriend, I'd like to skip Step Motherhood and go straight to Step Bubbiehood.

The Ten Commandments of Jewish Worry: Part 1

We Jews take our worrying so seriously it's as if it were a mitzvah

Israel Brings Home Gold from Beijing

Israeli Moishe Rosenberg returns with gold from Beijing...the Beijing Mercantile Exchange.

WouldJew Believe #6

Outrageous, odd and fascinating Jewish facts including… craters on the moon named after rabbis.

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