The Original Jewish Olympics

Thought the Greeks invented the Olympics? Think again.

Goyish Vs. Jewish, Part 2

Back by popular demand, our list of things that just "feel" Jewish, and some that don't.

The Text Message Mess

Text messaging is destroying the English language and I'm not going to stand for it! R U with me?

Stranger than Fiction

My "audition" to get into the Jewish Book Fair was stranger than fiction.

Survivor - Family Vacation Edition

The Jewlarious guide to a successful summer family vacation.

What, Me Worry?

My kindergarten teacher tried to teach me how to "turn my frown upside down." I wish I had listened.

Communication Breakdown

When we focus on the little picture on our cell phones, we're missing the big picture – the person right in front of us.

The Bubbie Diaries

I've recently gained a new perspective on my lovable yet eccentric grandmother "Fertel."

WouldJew Believe #5

Outrageous, odd and interesting facts, including Sidney Franklin the first American bull rider -- a Jew.

To Be or Not To Be (Kosher)

Existential angst and the Jewish dietary laws.

Confessions of a Romantic Cynic

After all these years, have I finally found the "one"?

Shoeless in Albuquerque

The airport's new security regulations have become impossible. Especially if you're Jewish.

The Yiddish Curse

Curses may be against our ethical makeup. But euphemisms are another story.

Jewish Vs. Goyish

Some things just "feel" Jewish, while others don't.

The Yiddish Dictionary of Fools

Legend has it that Eskimos (Inuit) have hundreds of words to describe snow. We Jews have hundreds of words for "pains in the neck."

UN on China and Burmese Crises: Israel's Fault

World body passes resolution blaming Israel…again.

Arab League Convenes Emergency Meeting to Make Enormous Mistake

Mistake yet to be determined, but members hope it will be one of their best yet.

Money Talks

Judy's 10 Commandments for Saving Money

Molly Man

Women are right -- men are pigs.

The Joys of Yiddish

Growing up in a family that spoke Yiddish, we kids were somewhat "punch line challenged."

The Olympics in Israel

An interview with the man spearheading an ambitious bid for the 2016 Summer Games.

The Frozen Chosen

The untold story of Israel's Olympic bobsled team.

WouldJew Believe #4

Outrageous, odd, fascinating Jewish facts and figures.

You Think Your Job Is Bad?

Mark Miller shares the worst jobs he's ever had. And they're bad. Very bad.

Jimmy Carter and Khaled Meshal Wed in Secret Damascus Ceremony

Carter: "I married the political wing of the movement, not the terrorist wing."

Prescription Water

Nothing's sacred anymore -- not even water.

Baby Boomer-angs

If Moses lived to 120, we baby boomers are just getting started.

WouldJew Believe #3

Outrageous, odd, fascinating Jewish facts and figures.

You Think You're Sick?

Flu season is over, but I can't shake the feeling I've got some sort of virus – like the Ebola virus.

Purim Headlines

What the Jewish newspapers would look like if the world was upside down.

Golden Rule-ing

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But what if your neighbor is a dog?

The Book of Ira

Scholars unearth an ancient work similar to the Book of Jonah. Similar but at the same time, very different.


There's nothing wrong with babying your baby. Unless he's 30.

Uncommon Scents

Certain smells used to bring back memories. But with the world now overrun with false fragrances I fear I will no longer remember anything.

Decision of the Heart

Use the skills you've learned watching election coverage and apply those lessons to your dating life.

WouldJew Believe?

Outrageous, odd, fascinating Jewish facts and figures.

Kvellentine's Day

Let's turn chocolate consumption into a naches inducing affair.

U.N. Demands Israel Supply Electricity, Rockets, to Hamas

Says Middle East violence won't end until Israel gives rockets to Hamas terrorists for use on Israeli citizens.

Is Al Gore a Jewish Grandmother?

Saving our planet, one guilt trip at a time.

The Hollywood Circle of Life

I live in the City of Broken Dreams, and it's on display every weekend at my neighborhood garage sales.

An Election First!

What if they made election history by electing America's first Orthodox Jewish President?

Did Jew Know?

Outrageous, odd, fascinating, Jewish facts & figures.

The Resolution Rundown

Need some New Year's resolutions? Try these on for size

The Compulsion to Coupon

There was no one more frugal than my dad. And we loved him for it

The "Talk"

Telling your child about one of life's most sensitive but important topics.

The Writers Strike Back

In support of the Writer's Guild, I attended a really convenient rally.

The December Dilemma

Resolutions like these come a few weeks early for people like me.

Synagogue Establishes "Fantasy Shul League"

Competition heats up to draft best "Daveners."

Be My CyberFriend

How can I join Facebook if I don't have any cyberfriends?

On the Nose

A freak accident caused me to lose my sense of smell. Bereft of smell, I was "smeft."

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