The Ten New Plagues

It’s been over 3,000 years since we’ve had a good plague, so we’ve updated the list with ten new ones.

Guide to the Hungry and Perplexed

Nervous about going to a religious person’s Seder? So is my Aunt Ellie, and this is what I advised her.

WouldJew Believe #19

Odd, outrageous and interesting Jewish facts – Marlon Brando at a Passover Seder?

Wigging Out

My decision to cover my hair with a wig has me feeling better about myself physically and spiritually!

The BDP Handbook, Vol. 2

More advice for dealing with Beloved Difficult Persons (“BDPs”) – aka the people who drive you crazy.

Cutting Edge Costumes

Looking for a last minute Purim costume for your kids that will be the talk of the town? Take a look at these.

We Jews, Part 4

Tales of Jews who are both fascinating and unsung.

The Great Israeli Hope

Meet Shmulik Weingarten: Israel’s Winter Olympian

Kidney on Ice

I’m in need of a kidney transplant -- but a Mormon kidney for a nice Jewish boy?

We Jews, Part 3

Unsung, unusual and odd members of the tribe.

Does This Town Make Me Look Fat?

My trip to Beverly Hills made me realize that I like living on the “wrong” side of the tracks.

Moses and the ETablets

Apple’s newly released iPad is getting a lot of hype, but I’m not convinced.

A Brief History of Bagels

More than you could possibly want to know about bagels.

My Very First Article

Ever wonder what a baby’s journal might look like? Well here’s your answer.

She's Driving Me Crazy!

My baby girl is driving a car – already?!

Blogowitz #6

Obama is fed up with Israel? Joan Rivers is a terrorist threat? What?!

Jimmy Carter Apologizes for Stealing Arbeit Macht Frei Sign

Former President calls theft “the single biggest mistake of my career, outside of running for a second term.”

WouldJew Believe #18: New Years

Interesting facts about calendars: “Theirs” and “Ours.”

History’s Famous Jew Year’s Resolutions

A selection of some of the most famous of our people’s New Year’s resolutions, taken from their “actual” diaries.

David Duke and Me

What do a Jewish mother of four and a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard have in common?

Tiger Woods Loses $100 Million Shekels in Israeli Endorsements

Bamba, Bisli and Meir’s Dry-cleaning among corporate defectors.

What am I Doing for Christmas?

How to best answer this question.

Is the Dreidel Dead?

With all of our high tech toys, have we forgotten about the simple ones?

The Jewlarious Chanukah Gift Guide

Horah Hero, the Snugie Talis, and Fatwa Ruxpin, we've got all of your favourite Chanukah gifts covered.

Blogowitz #5

Kosher MacDonald's, a humus war, a bicycle menorah. What more could you ask for in a blog?

Jewish Celebrity Thanksgivings

Behind the scenes at some Jewish celebrity Thanksgiving dinners.

The BDP Handbook

Advice for dealing with Beloved Difficult Persons (“BDPs”) – aka the people who drive you crazy.

WOULDJEW BELIEVE #16: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is red, white, bluish -- and a little bit Jewish.

The Meshuganeh Mensch

I'm a nice person. But I'm on a mission to be even nicer.

My Ma Spa

I spent my vacation at Ma’s retirement home. And left a new woman…her and me!

Generation Gaps

I didn't expect that my kids' knowledge about all things Jewish would outstrip mine by the time they were in the third grade.

The Jew from 1492

Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?!

The Mystery of the Kosher Lamp

I brought my kosher lamp to a hotel where I was staying over Shabbat. I rubbed it and became a kosher genie.


My crack research into some fake Jewish holidays made me appreciate the real ones.

Blogowitz #4

Hanoi Jane or Hamas Jane?

WouldJew Believe #15 - Holiday Edition

Odd, interesting and outrageous High Holiday facts.

Chuppah Safari

In search of my second chuppah, this time around I plan on getting it right.

Cubby Rage

Even though I had to give up aspects of my career to work from home, my kids are still the most impressive part of my resume.

A Chutzpah Mitzvah

Some people think kids have gotten lazy. But the kids I know are business mavens. Maybe some of their skills will rub off on me.

My Son, The Genius

I know what you're thinking, but my son really is a genius.

Mendel Jacksonstein

Mendel sings songs like Wanna Be Davenin' Somethin' and Rivka Jean

Kvelch for a Day!

I have bupkes to brag about. And that sounds like I'm bragging.

Blogowitz #3

Yiddish banned in the U.S. Congress?!

WouldJew Believe #14

Outrageous, odd and interesting Jewish facts such as...Proctor and Gamble testing a new detergent called "Dreck"?!

The Name Game

While some Jews are naming their kids things like “Jazz” and “Thorne,” others are kicking it old school and getting biblical.

Dating Tips from the Jewlarious Rebbetzin

Some dating tips you'll never hear from Dr. Phil.

Blogowitz #2

An Egyptian cleric on Last Comic Standing!? Check out the Jewlarious blog for more!

Jewish Summer Camps from Hell

The Un-Official 2009 Bad Jewish Summer Camp Report

Tabloid Media Celebrates Life of Robert McNamara

Mourners gather at Dept. of Planning, Programming and Budgeting Systems.

The Yiddish Are Coming

Shep some naches and read about America’s Jewish Founding Fathers.

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