Letter from a Terrorist

Call me what I am -- a terrorist. I didn't go through years of terrorist school to be called a "militant."

756!!! Barry Berman All-Time Aliyah King

Berman tainted with allegation he is not from the tribe of Levi.

The Art of Napping

I come from a long line of nappers. After all, my people mastered the Day of Rest.

Bit-Playing the Field

Dating in Hollywood is hard, especially when you feel like you're just a "bit player."

Letter to My Long-Lost Waist

Please come back to me. I miss you terribly.

Yachupitzville Development Project Opens to Little Fanfare

Jewish developer saddened by complete lack of interest.

Womanland and Manland

Want to understand the differences between men and women? Welcome to my new amusement park...

BBC Praises Hamas; Requests More Kidnappings

Hostage taking seen as valuable learning experience.

Micronesian Academics Boycott British Academics over Academic Boycott of Israel

Polynesians to follow with boycott of yet to be determined country.

A Starbucks Star

Penning a quote on a Starbucks cup has been my brush with fame.

Earth-like Planet Discovered; Residents Rabidly Anti-Semitic

Planet with no Jews, blames Jews for their problems

My Son, the Pyromaniac

As Lag B'Omer approaches, so does the Israeli bonfire ritual.

Don't Forget the Tuna

Good advice to the kosher traveler.

Pillsbury Doughboy Burned in Tragic Passover Cleaning Accident

Loveable American icon toasted, then laid to rest.


Test your JewQ!

Archeologist Allegedly Discover Controversial Tomb of "Yankele the Butcher"

Evidence of a pastrami sandwich found at the gravesite.

The Immigrant

Our children are becoming real Israelis. We are both very proud, and very afraid.

The Shushan Times

2300 year old Persian Newspaper recently discovered!

Kiss Me, I'm Polish

My quest to become a Polish citizen reminded me who I really am.

Israel Initiates Recycling Program; Arab Street Erupts in Anger

Street sweepers being ambushed for allegedly tampering with sanctity of Holy City.

Citrus Harvest Devastation in California Blamed on Nefarious Zionist Plot

Propagandists develop Jaffa Oranges conspiracy theory.

Calvin Klein Bottles Old Person Scent: "Bubbie"

No senior can resist Bubbie's subtle blend of Ben-Gay and meat balls.

Moishe and Me

My Jewish dog reminds me to be a mensch.

Shabbos Goyim Go On Work Stoppage Work Stoppage

Disaffected custodians are threatening to unionize and take to the streets.

My Name Is Mark and I'm a Jewish Date aholic

150 coffee first dates have got me addicted to dating and caffeine.

Jimmy Carter Accuses Israel of Being Democracy

Ex-President demands Israeli government end its occupation of Israel.

If I Can Make It There

Moving to NYC -- a city teeming with Cousin Larrys.

Jew or Non-Jew

Take the Jewlarious.com Quiz

Mel Gibson Demands Kramer Apology

Racist remarks cause outrage from Hollywood racist.

Kosher Butcher Goes up in Flames; Fire Sale on Smoked Meat Ensues

Consumers can't get enough of that "charbroiled taste".

Jerusalem Syndrome and Avian Flu

Man Stricken with Jerusalem Syndrome and Avian Flu thinks he is both Messiah and Piece of Poultry

Grandmother Called; Family Crisis Averted

86-year-old Estelle Coplowitz threatens hunger strike if her family doesn't call.

Mid-Term Synagogue Elections Turn Ugly

Incumbent at risk of losing his seat due to unpopular Kiddush policies.

Jerry Seinfeld's Talmud Lesson

Everything is contained within the Talmud -- even Seinfeld's discussion about "double dipping."

Entenmann Bar Mitzvah

12-Year-old Boy Requests Modest Bar Mitzvah Celebration; Parents Outraged

Pedro Martinez takes Stand; Refuses to Pitch on Yom Kippur

May not be able to pitch on the first days of Sukkos or Simchas Torah.

Jew Tube: The New TV Season

From Everyone Hates the Jews to Survivor Catskills.

Zadie Takes Shvitz After Eating Pastrami Sandwich for the 1000th Day Straight

Morris Rosenberg, known to friends and family simply as "Zadie" has done the seemingly impossible.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned Growing Up Jewish

Jewish life lessons learned from a Jewish Mother.

Bashar Speaks

An exclusive interview with Bashar Assad.

UJM Ceasefire Agreement

Jewish Mother Agree to Cease Using Guilt as a Weapon, "If that's what we Really Want"

Record 64 Pound Gefilte Fish Caught in Minnesota Lake

Over-Gefilte-Fishing Sparks Greenpeace Cry for Gefilte-Fishing Moratorium

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