You Think You're Sick?

Flu season is over, but I can't shake the feeling I've got some sort of virus – like the Ebola virus.

Purim Headlines

What the Jewish newspapers would look like if the world was upside down.

Golden Rule-ing

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But what if your neighbor is a dog?

The Book of Ira

Scholars unearth an ancient work similar to the Book of Jonah. Similar but at the same time, very different.


There's nothing wrong with babying your baby. Unless he's 30.

Uncommon Scents

Certain smells used to bring back memories. But with the world now overrun with false fragrances I fear I will no longer remember anything.

Decision of the Heart

Use the skills you've learned watching election coverage and apply those lessons to your dating life.

WouldJew Believe?

Outrageous, odd, fascinating Jewish facts and figures.

Kvellentine's Day

Let's turn chocolate consumption into a naches inducing affair.

U.N. Demands Israel Supply Electricity, Rockets, to Hamas

Says Middle East violence won't end until Israel gives rockets to Hamas terrorists for use on Israeli citizens.

Is Al Gore a Jewish Grandmother?

Saving our planet, one guilt trip at a time.

The Hollywood Circle of Life

I live in the City of Broken Dreams, and it's on display every weekend at my neighborhood garage sales.

An Election First!

What if they made election history by electing America's first Orthodox Jewish President?

The Resolution Rundown

Need some New Year's resolutions? Try these on for size

The Compulsion to Coupon

There was no one more frugal than my dad. And we loved him for it

The "Talk"

Telling your child about one of life's most sensitive but important topics.

The Writers Strike Back

In support of the Writer's Guild, I attended a really convenient rally.

The December Dilemma

Resolutions like these come a few weeks early for people like me.

Synagogue Establishes "Fantasy Shul League"

Competition heats up to draft best "Daveners."

Be My CyberFriend

How can I join Facebook if I don't have any cyberfriends?

On the Nose

A freak accident caused me to lose my sense of smell. Bereft of smell, I was "smeft."

Spare Time!?

I like to work. What can I say? So I put myself to work finding a new hobby.

The Child- to-Parent Dictionary

Find out what your kids really mean when they say "I love you."

What's the Big Idea?

My five crazy ideas to revitalize Jewish life.

Virtual Women

It's hard for me to tell the real women from the fake ones.

Puttin' on the Shmutz

Excerpts from the New English-Yiddish Dictionary.

Ahmadinejad: Iran Doesn't Have Tyrannical Dictators

Apparently don't have many things from athlete's foot to pistachios.

Al Jazeera's New Fall TV Lineup

From "Who Wants to Be a Militant" to "Fatah Knows Best," the new shows are sure to be a hit. Or else!

Yoga for Dummies

Ashtanga Yoga: Staying in shape never smelled this bad.

Israel Bids for 6000 Summer Olympic Games

233 years from now on the Gregorian Calendar

Israeli Knesset Removes Right to 3rd Opinion

Government to close second synagogue on Island with only one castaway.

Jewlarious Must-See TV

Three new Jewish shows you just can't miss.

Son, I'm Not Perfect

A letter to my 14 year old son, revealing something he might find shocking.

Letter from a Terrorist

Call me what I am -- a terrorist. I didn't go through years of terrorist school to be called a "militant."

756!!! Barry Berman All-Time Aliyah King

Berman tainted with allegation he is not from the tribe of Levi.

The Art of Napping

I come from a long line of nappers. After all, my people mastered the Day of Rest.

Bit-Playing the Field

Dating in Hollywood is hard, especially when you feel like you're just a "bit player."

Letter to My Long-Lost Waist

Please come back to me. I miss you terribly.

Yachupitzville Development Project Opens to Little Fanfare

Jewish developer saddened by complete lack of interest.

Womanland and Manland

Want to understand the differences between men and women? Welcome to my new amusement park...

BBC Praises Hamas; Requests More Kidnappings

Hostage taking seen as valuable learning experience.

Micronesian Academics Boycott British Academics over Academic Boycott of Israel

Polynesians to follow with boycott of yet to be determined country.

A Starbucks Star

Penning a quote on a Starbucks cup has been my brush with fame.

Earth-like Planet Discovered; Residents Rabidly Anti-Semitic

Planet with no Jews, blames Jews for their problems

My Son, the Pyromaniac

As Lag B'Omer approaches, so does the Israeli bonfire ritual.

Don't Forget the Tuna

Good advice to the kosher traveler.

Pillsbury Doughboy Burned in Tragic Passover Cleaning Accident

Loveable American icon toasted, then laid to rest.


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