Israel is fighting two battles: one on the field and the other in the world of public opinion. Israel’s supporters have taken to the airwaves to advocate on Israel’s behalf. Thus far there have been highs and there have been lows and below we examine 9 of the highs. What, we need to celebrate the lows?

1. Are you kidding me?!” – Naftali Bennett

“Are you kidding me?!” – Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett is Israel’s Economy Minister. He is also Israel’s Minister of Foreign Correspondent Smackdowns. In an interview on Britain’s Sky News network, host Dermot Murnagha pressed Bennett claiming that Israel’s military reactions have been “disproportionate.” Bennett responded by saying, “are you kidding me.” Note to Minister Bennett: Dermot is not kidding. He, along with the entire BBC and most other foreign correspondents have been drinking. Heavily. That’s the only way to explain it. Watch the exchange for yourself below.

2. “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head” – Sean Hanity

If you ever feeling down because it seems as if every news outlet in the world leans heavily towards Hamas then turn on Fox News. It will turn your frown upside down. Recently Sean Hannity interviewed Yousef Munayyer of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center. Hannity asked Munayyer, if he considered Hamas a terrorist organization. Munayyer responded, “The United States certainly considers Hamas a terrorist organization...” Sean states the obvious, “I didn't ask what the United States thinks! I asked what you think! Can you hear?” You can watch for yourself to see what happens but spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for Yousef.

3. “If Diana is a human rights lawyer then why can’t she condemn Hamas?” – Hillel Neuer

Have you ever wondered how “human rights” lawyers can defend Hamas when Hamas are amongst the worst human rights violaters in the world? Well Hillel Neuer finally gets the chance to ask one such “human rights” lawyer, Diana Buttu, on Al Jazera and her response is Al Ridiculous. Diana also says that it’s OK for Hamas to store their weapons in schools because kids are on summer vacation. That seems fair, right? It’s summertime drug dealers, our schools are open for your crack houses!

4. “Hamas doesn’t care about the lives of Palestinians” – Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas Founder

It’s only Israelis and Jews that are defending Israel on television, right CNN guy? We know that’s what you’re thinking. Of course they’re going to defend Israel. But come on, who else in the world would come to Israel’s defense? Wait, what, the son of one of Hamas’s founders says Hamas doesn’t care about the lives of Palestinians? And the conquest of Israel is only their first step towards worldwide conflict? Who put this guy on air? Quick, make him stop!

5. “We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles” – Benjamin Netanyahu

Every army needs a General, and in Israel’s battle for public opinion, Benjamin Netanyahu is that General. You may ask, what are the chances he looks in the mirror every morning and practices his stern look to the camera with eyebrow slightly cocked? Very likely. But he is so darn smart and eloquent and resolute, and handsome. Yes we said it! We are not ashamed to say it. Here is Prime Minister Netan-handsome defending his people on Fox News Sunday:

6. Have you lost your minds, you’re dealing with terrorists!” – Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is known for her brash comedy and the fact that she no longer has a face. But now you can add Israel advocate to her resume. After being accosted by gossip website TMZ at the airport for a statement regarding the current situation in Israel she supported the Jewish state unabashedly stating that if New Jersey was lobbing rockets over into New York then there would no longer be a New Jersey (it’s been a slice, Bruce Springsteen). So Israeli Channel 10 decided to interview Joan for words of encouragement for the Israeli public. Similar message but this time the analogy involves Mexico. Sorry Carlos Santana. And Salma Hayek. And … OK, you get the picture.


7. “Come again?” – Nabil Shaath

According to Palestinian spokesman Nabil Shaath, all the Palestinian people want is a ceasefire. So CNN Anchor John Berman asks a reasonable question, “But Hamas just rejected a UN ceasefire?” What happens next is startling. Mr. Shaath is clearly so shocked to hear someone from the media asking him a question based in logic and fact that he actually can’t hear the questions properly. “Come again?” He asks. Sorry, did I hear you right, are you not accepting the ludicrous things that are coming out of my mouth as fact?

8. “Your owner Qatar funds the daily murder of children in Gaza.” – Naftali Bennett

Economy Minister and Foreign Media Correspondent Smackdown-in-Chief Naftali Bennett gets two spots on our list because he’s that good. This guy just doesn’t care. He’s a truth teller. Have you ever been invited to someone’s house for a meal and then told them, “Your food tastes like dirt?” Well Naftali Bennett does just that to this Al Jazeera anchorman. Note: if you ever invite Minister Bennett to your house for a meal, you better cook him up something nice because if you don’t, he’s gonna let you know.

9. “Israel Boycotts are bad. Very bad.” – Jewlarious

Because the world has gone crazy and some people are resurrecting the idea of boycotting Israeli products to punish Israel for defending itself, we are resurrecting this old Jewlarious video about boycotting Israel. We made it 7 years ago, so cut us some slack on the production value: