O Say, Can You See

Arnold and Abe are walking their dogs past the synagogue one Saturday morning. Arnold says, "Let's go in. I hear they have really nice chopped liver at the Kiddush."

Abe says, "But they'll never let us in with the dogs."

"Just follow my lead," says Arnold as he goes into the synagogue.

As he thought, the shamnes tells him, "No dogs allowed."

Arnold responds, "But it's a seeing eye dog."

The shamnes backs off. "Sorry, I didn't know. OK, you can go in."

Abe follows.

Again the shames says, "No dogs allowed."

Abe says, "But it's my seeing eye dog."

The shames retorts, "This is your seeing eye dog? A Chihuahua?!"

Abe looks startled and says, "Is that what they gave me?!"