Meet the Parents

Have we forgotten the art of good manners?

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(19) Rodrigo Benavides, September 12, 2011 7:41 PM

Good Manners

It is deplorable that good manners are almost a thing of the past. I see this pattern in "reality TV" when most often the people who are the most obnoxious and reprehensible are the most popular and the most celebrated. Its time to return to modesty, character, values, and morals and looking up to individuals who possess these traits.

(18) Leah, September 2, 2011 12:47 PM

i agree

I agree! This is not funny! No matter what your situation is, you should never speak to anyone in that way. Derech eretz does not just fall away because you are aggravated or because the airline lost your bag before!!!

(17) Anonymous, August 1, 2011 6:17 PM

That was definitely NOT FUNNY!!!

How is it funny seeing a grown man act like a two year old. When we laugh at things that are truly not funny, it perpetuates that behaviour. Anyone who laughed at that means they actually act that way and they they are trying to minimalize the awfulness of their own actions. Funny things are ridiculous things; things that don't harm or scare anyone.

(16) sarA, October 26, 2010 4:53 AM


That is funny. But when you go to a place, you are agreeing to regulate by their rules

(15) MP, July 20, 2010 9:41 PM


weird verry funny hahah

(14) Anonymous, February 9, 2009 8:22 AM


i liked it,its really funny!!

(13) Chana Rochel, January 18, 2009 2:27 AM

Guy = Pathological Axe Murderer

Anyone who can excuse such behavior had to have grown up in after the 70s when life became "All About Me."

(12) Heatherross, May 14, 2008 2:37 PM

he has had it, she did not listen, there was an answer

at the time this character responded to the flight attendent think what he went through, he needs a psychiatrist. I would have put his bag in the closet at back it would have fit.

(11) Rosie, April 30, 2008 10:54 PM

right, like the airlines aren't faultless!

Having had insulting stewardesses as well as lost luggage, I think the guy may be over the top, but generally these days the airlines are much worse than him! Fly the friendly skies of united! Right!

(10) Patti Jenkins, April 30, 2008 8:45 PM

I know just how he feels!

Whenever I travel back to my birth place to visit friends or to go to reunions at my HighSchool I am always amazed at the amount of incompanence of the bag handlers.I have had my bags lost for my entire trip and had to wear my relatives clothes. My bags did not reach me till I got home 3Weeks later!

(9) Paul, April 30, 2008 4:48 PM

Meet the parents

So much of this behaviour is learned in the home. We see our parents talking to each other this way in the privacy of their home and transfer such lack of respect to others. There is never any excuse for such rudeness.

(8) Akiva Crwon, April 30, 2008 4:30 PM

Funniest clip ever!

This clip made me laugh so hard gefilta fish came out of my nose. This is a great section and siet. I will always hold close to me with my kung-foo grip!

(7) Joel, April 30, 2008 3:07 PM

Do Apes have manners?

If we're descendants from the great apes, who thought us manners in the first place??? Well perhaps we got it by chance, so now we lost it, big deal!

Without Torah there are no manners, morals and ethics.

(6) Paul, April 30, 2008 6:16 AM

Learnt in childhood

Respect and concern for others are basic to good manners, and are learnt early in childhood; also to learn to be in control of one's emotional self, particularly in the face of loss to self. Also a perspective on self.

(5) Rosen, April 29, 2008 10:54 PM

why we have bad manners

Many of us have bad manners as a result of a bad day or bad experience. Bad manners are almost always a result of selfishness since ourselves are the first line of personal interest.

(4) Wayne, April 29, 2008 9:55 PM

we selectively use good manners

We haven't forgotten the art of good manners; we just selfishly choose to use bad manners at times. If we spoke to our bosses as rudely as we speak to our spouses, how many of us would have a job? We know how to treat others with respect, but choose to do otherwise. That's not forgetting, it's sin.

(3) GaryH, April 29, 2008 8:06 PM

Focker does have a point, he has lost trust with them. If I were him I would not have even booked a return flight with the same airline, not that it mattered because another American airline might lose it anyway.

(2) marguerite, April 29, 2008 2:32 PM


yes! alot of people have lose respect of people, they only think what that want. Also if parents do not use manners the children will pick up on it and use them either. Monkey see, Monkey do.

(1) R. Amit, April 29, 2008 9:19 AM

too little, toolate

The art of good manners went out with diplomacy sometime during the 1960's. Seems to have lost the battle for survival but please note: all those who do 'best' (studies/business etc) DO have good manners.


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