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What's an appropriate age for people to get married?

What's an appropriate age for people to get married?

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(17) Anonymous, October 9, 2013 12:58 PM

I think 18 is to young but from 20 up is fine.

(16) feige, March 2, 2010 11:04 AM

Marriage is about becoming ONE!!

Marriagable age varies for everyone but if one is mature enough to see the beauty in married life, to live and grow TOGETHER with a life time partner than what can be nicer than starting that connection as earlier as one finds? If u see marriage as a burden and heavy load, [though no one denies that challanges come along], but we need to be smart enough to understand that we were originally One and seperated by birth but when we join as a commitment it's about getting our second half back. what can be better than that? its not about me or you but rathet US together, and then it can be a great union. Worth as early as that's acknowledged and understood. Good luck to you all and the main is to appreciate however G-D sets it up for you as best and be happy with what you have.

(15) Anonymous, February 22, 2010 1:11 AM

Both Parents are Right

In my opinion both parents are right. Tom's parents say that 18 is to young.But Jessie's parents are saying that 18 is legally an adult-wich is true. But in a way thay are both right. 18 is the legal age to be an adult but its to young to get married.And really neither set of parents should have a say in wether they get married or don't.They are adults

(14) Rosen, February 21, 2010 3:43 PM

minimum age to have a meaningful, health marriage

I think that the minimum age for couples to marry is 30. At that point in people's live they are at the "age of strength", therefore they'll be at least 3 decades wiser in loving smart and really knowing how to settle in with the one he/she wants to spend the rest of their lives with.

(13) Dorothy, February 15, 2010 7:08 PM

25 in my opinion is very young we change so much at every turn of a decade.

(12) Anonymous, February 13, 2010 2:34 PM

The parents have all got it wrong:

Instead of being shocked, negative or not even relating to the young couple both sets of parents should have sat them down to discuss the responsibilties and how they can all work together to make the union a success. There is nothing as sweet as young love, first love but without considerable parental help they can easily have a very hard life, unnecessarily, The trick is to get sufficient support together to ensure that both young people complete their education and can stand on their own two feet. Families working together as a unit can only benefit. The option is that the young couple will move out together, one of the two will miss out on their education and they will resent their parents, Later on in life, when their parents need them they will not be there, How easy is it to forget that we were young once. And yes, unless the couple are religious, the stress of being thrown out ino the big bad world with no support will probably in itself cause a break-up of the relationship, with multiple relationships going on and on until: What - still not married in their forties? What's new. Recognise the good, parents and work with it.

(11) elisheba, February 10, 2010 11:57 PM

scientific answer

at puberty

(10) Kip Gonzales, February 10, 2010 10:43 AM

Who knows, sometimes it works!

That was a great little film, with superb acting! My brother and his wife married at 19, and they even let me move in with them after they had only been married three months! (Don´t worry. I no longer live with them!) That was nearly 39 years ago, and even though they had to start off with menial jobs and NO financial support from either family, they made it, and are happily married today. It all boils down to committment. One saying i read at Aish that I love is; "The most difficult three words to say in a marriage are not I Love You, but, I Was Wrong." Our surroundings are a product of the kinds of words we speak around us. What goes around comes around. If parents are doubtful of their kids´ readiness to get married, a calm and wise discussion with them is a lot better than a "chew-out".

(9) Menachem, February 10, 2010 6:51 AM

Age is not indicative of maturity.

As a parent who has married off a few kids, boys and girls, I feel that emotional maturity is imperative before a successful marriage can even begin. Age is irrelavent. One girl I married of at age 17, and for another I didn't want to hear for him shidduchum before age 23. It is the job of the parent to send off the kid in a mature way, with the best chance to meet the challenges of marriage and life, with success.

(8) seriouslynotserious, February 10, 2010 12:26 AM

when its there its there

I agree with #1, who says age has anything to do with maturity? i was told "i am mature for my age" in 8th grade, so what? when you're ready to make decisions on your own, whether it be about the outfit you wear, or the person you decide to marry, you make those decisions, and if they are wrong? hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we all hail from the human species that tend to make mistakes. granted major decisions shouldn't be made without consulting someone who's opinion you honour and trust, but when its all said and done, just be honest with yourself, no one knows you better. if its right, its right!

(7) ester, February 9, 2010 7:51 PM

Financial and emotional adulthood first

Age is not the important thing. When a couple can support themselves financially and emotionally, they are adult enough to get married. I know some 40 year olds who have several kids but werenot ready financially for marriage and they are charity cases. I think it is wrong to set up a life where a family can not pay their own way. Marriage should wait until financial and emotional adulthood.

(6) JJ in Denver, February 9, 2010 7:48 PM

I waited...

I was wise enough to know that I wasn't ready until I could support a family. So I didn't look until I was 23 and solidly employed. Married at age 24 and now approaching 30 years of love.

(5) Anonymous, February 9, 2010 6:05 PM

hypocritical about the issue

I am a hypocrite when it comes to this, I got engaged at 19 and married at 20 but I don't necessariy wish the same for my daughters. On the one hand some people are mature and ready and Mr. Right is right there. On the other hand, most good jobs take years more of schooling. There is also maturity that comes with life experience. As a parent, I would prefer they waited a bit.

(4) Alice, February 9, 2010 6:53 AM

Some people are ready at 18!!

I was secretly engaged at 17, officially engaged at 18, married at 20. The only thing I regret is not getting married at 18 - we were both ready then. Am now 28 and everything is brilliant!!!!

(3) Anonymous, February 8, 2010 3:57 AM


(2) Anonymous, February 7, 2010 8:08 PM


The video was very well done but... what? What happened? BTW I was engaged at 16 and married at 17; I'm now 18 with a 5 month old girl :)

(1) Anonymous, February 7, 2010 3:55 PM

Age (numbers) are random figures and do not indicate maturity

Maturity isn't always age related. I know a couple where the husband got his maters degree by age 20, his wife her accounting degree by 21, (both studied at university). He had his own catering business from age 14, and later traveled around the world studying for 2 years in various Yeshivot. They got married shortly after turning 19. There are few 40 year old people who are as mature as they are, and serve their community as strongly. The appropriate age to get married is when God gives you your bashert, and that doesn't necessarily come at a number that we may randomly pick. Currently the husband (21) is trying to get sponsorship to go study to get Smicha at YU in New York,while getting his Phd at the same time.


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