Jtube: 20/20: Stereotyping

Is it human nature to stereotype?

Jtube: Year in Search 2020

What meaning have you found in this very challenging year?

Jtube: The Simpsons: Krusty Sits Shiva

What is the best way to comfort a mourner?

Jtube: Big Bang Theory

Why is respecting our parents such a difficult mitzvah?

Jtube: Mr. D: The New Jew

What would you do if you just found out that you weren't Jewish?

Jtube: Three Amigos

How can we search ourselves to find great strengths where we never saw them before?

Jtube: Welcome Back Kotter

Despite being dispersed throughout the world, what keeps us together as a people?

Jtube: Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin

What should you definitely not do when trying to comfort a mourner?

Jtube: West Wing: Leadership

What makes a great leader?

Jtube: Evan Almighty

In what ways does God answer your prayers?

Jtube: Monty Python: The Argument

What is the key to having a good argument?

Jtube: ESPN: On the German Team

While we should never forget, do we forgive?

Jtube: The Pawnbroker

What is the secret to the Jewish people's success?

Jtube: The Colbert Report: Justice

How do we know if something is right or wrong?

Jtube: The Equalizer 2

What is the greatest thing you've ever gotten back?

Jtube: Everybody Loves Raymond: God

How would you answer the question?

Jtube: Jessica Kirason

What's the funniest thing that your grandparents have done?

Jtube: This is 40

Should we closely monitor our children's internet usage?

Jtube: An American Pickle

How did saying Kaddish impact you?

Jtube: Seinfeld: The Kosher Meal

Have you ever been stranded without kosher food?

Jtube: The Dilemma

What is the best wedding gift you ever received?

Jtube: Jack Black on Conan

Why should we send our kids to Jewish school?

Jtube: Drillbit Taylor

What is the best way to stand up against a bully?

Jtube: Man With a Plan

How can we teach our children to use technology responsibly?

Jtube: Groundhog Day

What would you do if there was no tomorrow?

Jtube: Space Force

What symbols inspire you?

Jtube: Husbands of Target

Is it true that men hate shopping and women love it?

Jtube: Best in Show

Why do some people treat animals better than people?

Jtube: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Making New Friends

Is friendship less or more valuable when you get older?

JTube: Kenny vs Spenny

Can we really determine who is a "better" Jew?

Jtube: Some Good News with John Krasinksi

What good news can you share during this difficult time?

Year 1

Has God ever answered your prayer?

Jtube: Saturday Night Seder

What was your favorite seder memory from this year?

Jtube: Conan's Band Celebrates Passover

What is your favorite part of the Seder?

Jtube: Sebastian Maniscalco on Social Distancing

Do you have tips to best make it through COVID-19?

Jtube: Shark Tank: Swimply

What did you do with your Bar/Bat mitzvah money?

Jtube: Embracing Joy Instead of Hate

Is there a connection between comedy and spirituality?

Jtube: Curb Your Enthusiasm: How Not to Comfort a Mourner

Why do some people say the most inappropriate things to mourners?

Jtube: Hunters

Is this murder or mitzvah? Is revenge a Jewish ideal?

Jtube: Grey's Anatomy: Preparing a Jewish Body for Burial

Why does Jewish law have such reverence for the deceased?

Jtube: Hair Love

What is the primary message of this Academy Award- winning short film?

Jtube: The Other Guys

What is the most important ingredient to giving effective criticism?

Jtube: Dear Basketball By Kobe Bryant

What value do sports bring to the world?

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