Jtube: The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin's film was released in 1941. Do his words still ring true this Tisha B'Av?

Jtube: Jerry Seinfeld Live

Has technology made us rude?

Jtube: FlashForward 2

Do you believe in Divine intervention?

Jtube: Seinfeld: Jews & Food

Why does food play such an important role to us Jews?

Jtube: Last Comic Standing

What does it mean to be the "chosen people"?

Jtube: Up in the Air

What is the value in getting married?

Jtube: Infidel

If you found out you were a member of another religion would you convert?

Jtube: 24

Can the ends ever justify the means?

Jtube: The Three Coolers

How does the Jewish way of mourning assist in the grieving process?

Jtube: Yuri Foreman's Two Worlds

Is it appropriate for a "rabbi in training" to be a boxer?

Jtube: General James Jones' Joke

Many people, including Abe Foxman, found this joke offensive. Do you?

Jtube: Modern Familiy

Is it okay for our children to see us afraid?

Jtube: The Simpsons: In Israel

What do you love about Israel?

Jtube: The Marriage Ref

Would you air your marriage issues on national television?

Jtube: Mr. Saturday Night

Can laughter help us heal?

Jtube: Gifted Hands

Do you believe that your greatest talents come from God?

Jtube: The Invention of Lying

Q: Why do people lie?

Jtube: Saturday Night Live: Sabra Price is Right

What is it that makes Israelis so unique?

Jtube: The Daily Show: Hamas

Can there be peace in the Middle East when children are taught to hate?

Jtube: 18 to Life

What's an appropriate age for people to get married?

JTube: Touching Them All

How can we teach children good character traits?

Jtube: The Truman Show

What does The Truman Show teach us about free will?

JTube: Annie Hall 2

Should we be "suspicious" of our non-Jewish neighbors?

JTube: The Royal Tenenbaums

How can parents balance keeping their children safe and being too overprotective?

JTube: Community

Is man inherently good or evil?

Jtube: The Lighthouse

How can we get people in Jewish communities to feel more responsible for one another?

Jtube: Mad Men

Has anti-Semitism more or less disppeared from the workplace?

Jtube: The Larry Sanders Show

Should Jews ever hide their Jewishness in the workplace?

Jtube: American Splendor

Is the stereotype of "tough" Jewish women accurate?

Jtube: We Are Klang

What do you love about being a Jew?

Jtube: Nine

Is our race to technology destroying our collective soul?

Jtube: Family Guy

Why don't most children of intermarried couples identify as Jewish?

Jtube: House 2

Why does it seem as though people who are "mean" always get what they want?

Jtube: Saturday Night Live

Has the U.N. become a mockery?

Jtube: Better Off Ted

Are corporations pulling the wool over our eyes?

Jtube: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Can we blame children for hating, just as their parents did?

Jtube: Ghostbusters

Do you believe in ghosts?

Jtube: Michael and Michael Have Issues

Have you had any difficult breakups? How did you get over them?

The Onion

How do we balance work with family?

Jtube: MadTV

Do we put too much emphasis on the "bar" and not enough on the "mitzvah"?

Rat Race

How should we respond to anti-Semitism when we encounter it?

Jtube: Bee Movie

Are we stuck in our jobs forever?

Jtube: The Two Ronnies

Do the clothes make the "Jew"?

Fred Claus

How can people cope with being overshadowed by a sibling?

How I Met Your Mother 2

What does it take to make yourself "essential" at work?

Liberty Heights

What makes Jews stand out from the "others"?


Is it ever okay to lie?

Kung Fu Panda

Do we underestimate ourselves?

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