Jeff Dunham

Why does humor allow us to say things we wouldn't normally say otherwise?


Why do we use humor to make awkward situations more comfortable?

Jtube: 30 Rock, Part 2

Why are people drawn to things they know they shouldn't do?

Jtube: Kid Nation

What kind of service do you think the kids in "Bonanza City" should opt for?

Jtube: My Name is Earl

Why is it such a strong human desire to belong to a group?

Jtube: The Office

Are we too reliant on technology?

Jtube: Big Daddy

Should parents be disciplinarians or friends?

Jtube: Ushpizin

Is it okay to be angry with God?

Jtube: Garden State

Why do so many Jews attend synagogue specifically on Yom Kippur?


What's the real beauty of Yom Kippur?

Jtube: 30 Rock

Why does society care so much about what celebrities have to say?

Jtube: Seinfeld: The Fire

Does modern "equality" mean the death of chivalry?

Jtube: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Why is it so difficult to find time to talk?

Jtube: The Twighlight Zone

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

Jtube: Back in Black

Is living "Green" a Jewish concept?

Jtube: Matisyahu

Is it good or bad for the Jews to have someone who is so outwardly religious involved in secular culture?

Jtube: Freedom Writers

What universal lessons do you think the Holocaust teaches?

Jtube: Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Can laugher help bring peace?

Jtube: Thank You for Smoking

How do we teach children to be independent thinkers without promoting false values?

Jtube: Dodgeball

Where would the world be if the Jewish People had given up so easily?

Jtube: South Park

Is the stereotype true? Are Jews bad athletes?

Jtube: Pursuit of Happiness

Do you think people today spend too much time working?

Jtube: The Simpson's

What is the secret to Jewish survival?

Jtube: The Frisco Kid

Why have the Jewish people sacrificed so much for the Torah over the ages?

Jtube: Arrested Development

Why doesn't Judaism encourage proselytization?

Jtube: 3rd Rock from the Sun

Does being Jewish ever feel like you are an "alien"?

Jtube: Funny, You Don't Look Jewish

Do our actions affect how people judge the entire Jewish People? Is that fair?

Jtube: Never Too Young

Classic Cinema: In the midst of this humorous chase scene, why does a hammy Jewish comedian spit a ham sandwich out of his mouth? And why was this scene even inserted in the first place?

Jtube: Kate Winslett's Oscar Performance

Do you think there are too many Holocaust films?

Jtube: Shabbas and the City

Can this relationship succeed or is it doomed to failure?

Jtube: When do We Eat?

Does your Passover seder look like this?

Jtube: Keeping Up with the Steins

Has the true meaning behind Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations gotten lost in translation?

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