Jtube: Shark Tank: Mensch on a Bench

Is there a Jewish toy you think would be a good idea to create?

Jtube: I like Laughter

Why does it feel better to give than to receive?

Jtube: Wish I Was Here

How do you move forward in the face of adversity?

Jtube: Real Time with Bill Maher

What makes someone "seem Jewish"?

Jtube: 22 Jump Street

Why is education such an important value to the Jewish People?

Jtube: Black-ish

How do we ensure our children stay connected to their culture/religion?

Jtube: Jay Mohr: Funny For a Girl

Are men and women really that different?

Jtube: Landfill Harmonic

How is music transforming the lives of these kids?

Jtube: Total Recall

In what ways does our past define our present?

Jtube: Jerry Seinfeld at the CLIO Awards

Does focusing on material things bring happiness?

Jtube: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Can you change who you are?

Jtube: Big Fish

How should we define success?

Jtube: Special Kneads

What makes those with special needs special?

Jtube: It's Smarter to Travel in Groups

What's better: teamwork or working by yourself?

Jtube: Friday Night Lights

Is it healthy to strive for perfection?

Jtube: Searching for Bobby Fischer

How can we foster greatness in our children?

Jtube: Muppets Most Wanted

How do you know when you've found your bashert\(soul mate)?

Jtube: Monsters University

What is the most important trait to have to work as part of a team?

Jtube: You, Me and Dupree

How can we avoid a life of mediocrity?

Jtube: Life of Brian

What was the best deal you ever got?

Jtube: After The Dark

Can you sacrifice one life for the sake of many? (Viewer discretion is advised.)

Jtube: Monuments Men

Was the American effort to recover stolen art during World War II misdirected?

Jtube: Jim Carrey's Commencement Address

How can we overcome fear of failure and not let it control our lives?

Jtube: R.I.P.D.

How can we ensure positive judgment after 120?

Jtube: The Pale Blue Dot

What makes humanity so special given the fact that we are so seemingly insignificant?

Jtube: Last Comic Standing

How can we ensure that we are good neighbors to the non-Jews living amongst us?

Jtube: The Lego Movie

What makes someone special?

Jtube: Conan Learns About Jewish Holidays

What's your favorite Jewish holiday? Why?

Jtube: Look Up

Has social media made us more social or less?

Jtube: Cancel Glove and Boots: I Don’t Like Jews

Does the media sensationalize the news?

Jtube: Steve Jobs: Changing the World

Do you have to be "crazy" to change the world?

Jtube: Anchorman 2

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Jtube: Gravity

What is the key to praying?

Jtube: World War Z

How has Israel survived against all odds?

Jtube: Linsanity

Why is attributing your talent to God a key to success?

Jtube: The Counselor

What is the secret to Jewish survival?

Jtube: Matthew McConaughey Thanks God

Are you surprised to hear an Academy Award winning actor thank God so publicly?

Jtube: Turbo

How do we know our limits if we don't try to push past them?

Jtube: Dancing in Severe Weather

How can we infuse a sense of happiness into our daily lives?

Jtube: Tripp and Tyler: A Conference Call in Real Life

How has technology impacted our work lives negatively?

Jtube: NFL's Derrik Coleman

Do you believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Jtube: Pi

Do you think hidden wisdom is contained in the Torah?

Jtube: What Would You Do?

Do you have a "Kiddush Hashem" (sanctification of God's Name) story that you'd like to share?

Jtube: What is Love?

What is true love?

Jtube: The Twilight Zone

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

Jtube: Ask a Jew in Phoenix

Why are Jews so funny?

Jtube: In Time

How can we make sure we do not waste the time we have?

Jtube: The Internship

How can you stand out in an interview?

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